Nest of magpies. How do they build a nest?

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Many are well known for forty - black and white,long-tailed, with a loud and rather sharp voice. Curious and daring bird is familiar from childhood to children as a "forty-white-bearded" - the heroine of numerous fairy tales.

A little later, it will be described what constitutesdwelling, nest of magpies. How it looks like it is built by birds, where other information related to this amazing bird is located, you can see and learn by reading this article.

The Magpie's Nest

A bit about the bird itself: general information

Magpie (ordinary or European) is a bird representing the family of the Voran and the forty.

The magpie's nest looks like

Before we proceed to the description and find out what the magpie's nest is, consider the habitats and distribution of poultry all over the world.

The Magpies inhabited the whole of Europe. It is absent only on some Mediterranean islands. They also inhabit parts of coastal areas in Morocco, Tunisia and Algeria (north of Africa). In fact, the magpie is a sedentary bird, but there is also a migratory bird in Scandinavia.

Different populations of forty live on the most different ends of the Earth. The magpie's nest also varies in shape and size, depending on the place of its habitat.

There are magpies in Turkey and in part of Iran, whereThey spread almost to the coast of the Persian Gulf. Birds of this species are distributed from north to south to the Sea of ​​Japan. In Asia they are settled in northern Vietnam, in the north-west of Mongolia. A separate isolated population lives even on the Kamchatka peninsula. There are also natural monuments - a small protected population in the north-west of. Kyushu. North America also has a refuge for the forty-western half of the continent (from Lower California to Alaska inclusive).

Magpie's Nest: Photo

Magpies are clearly burdened by the dense bushes andwoody vegetation. Especially they are fond of lake and river floodplains with thickets of alders and willows, with small meadows, remnants of the indigenous forest and mowing. A real present for them were forest belts stretched along the southern steppes of Russia.

In these places there is a very close neighborhoodpairs: they live from each other only a few tens of meters. This is a record population density for birds, usually avoiding this neighborhood. In more deaf and dense forests magpies practically do not live (rarely), but they are perfectly settled in the parks of cities.

Magpie's Nest: Photo

Where do they build a nest? Ordinary species are sedentary birds. In spring, in early April, the couple usually build a nest on a bush or tree (height from 1 to 12 meters above the ground), and its location is commensurate with the level of safety and anxiety. In places where people are absent (in nature), cottage houses can be arranged even at an altitude of about 1.5 meters from the ground, and in urban parks - at a height of not less than 6 meters.

The nests are forty in shape and size, very large (up to 75 cm in diameter), so they are clearly visible.

Nest building

How do they build a nest? The base of the nest (skeleton) they make of long and thick dry branches. Then on such a fairly massive foundation they build a bowl made of earth or clay. And the latter is reinforced with thin branches of birch. Then, the inner part of the tray is lined with thin branches of willow, birch and roots of some plants, and above the nest is built something like a roof, representing a loose, rather chaotic folded canopy from dry branches larger. The latter construction significantly increases the size of the nest. With such a wonderful canopy from the rains there is no escape, but the masonry and chicks from different birds of prey can be perfectly protected.

How to build a magpie's nest

The magpie's nest (pictured above) is a reasonably built structure.

Habits, features of behavior, reproduction

Magpies often chirr. This means that in the field of view of the bird, someone who is unwanted, no matter, a person or an animal, has got to it. Moreover, they show such deep indignation at any meeting. Especially strong chirr they raise, if in their nest there are chicks. It should be noted that even many predators in the daytime avoid showing up on their eyes. Hunting still fails.

Its nickname ("thief"), this bird is mostlydeserved in connection with her irresistible passion for the appropriation of various small items without the knowledge of their masters. Especially they are not indifferent to the products of glass or metal.

This bird is very cautious in the neighborhood of a man, she will never let herself be taken by surprise. In the forest, she warns her comrades and all the surrounding inhabitants about the danger.

Where build the magpies nest

Despite caution, the magpie is fairly easy to tame, and even differs attachment to his master and a peculiar mind. Even this bird can learn to pronounce individual words.

Sometimes magpies build a few nests,and they occupy only one. It represents an almost spherical housing with a side entrance. In the nest female magpies usually lay 5-8 eggs in April, and then incubate them for 17-18 days, after which they feed the chicks.


The basis of nutrition in the spring and summer is animalfood (from the smallest insects to the fish thrown ashore). The smallest, they can even steal from the bucket from the zazevavshegosya fisherman. In the winter, the magpie eats everything that is edible, even does not disdain the contents of boxes intended for garbage.

Magpie is a useful bird that destroys in the fieldsnumerous pests, small rodents. But she also has a negative quality that is harmful to a person: she often steals chicks and eggs on farms.


Judging by the fact that this bird is building, sheneat and very intelligent. The magpie's nest often consists of a well-formed calyx of fine twigs with a comfortable litter of soft dry grass, wool and tender feathers.

In building a nest, the bird manifests its ownan amazing mind: often she weaves as a ball with a side entrance. Moreover, there can be two nests in it: in one - eggs are laid, and the other - just confuses predator enemies.

Brilliant objects, where they are made by magpies themselves, they use to decorate their nests.

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