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In late January last year, the star of a multi-seriestales of the adventures of Harry Potter (Rubeus Hagrid), an actor known as Robbie Coltrane, was hospitalized. Preliminary diagnosis is heart failure. Caltrane's malaise (Robbie flew to Orlando as part of a business trip) felt while on board a British Airways airline flying from the UK.

According to the stingy information provided to the general public by the journalists of TMZ, one thing was clear: hospitalization can be delayed indefinitely.

Career of the artist

Robby Coltrane Growth

Robbie Coltrane (height of the actor - 185 cm) -Scenic pseudonym of Scotsman Anthony Robert McMillan, film actor, screenwriter and producer. Fame came to Robbie after he starred in the English TV series "Cracker Method" (the role of Dr. Fitzgerald) and in a series of films about Harry Potter (the role of Hagrid).

For the first time, Coltrade appeared on the screen in the 80'sthe last century, when, at the invitation of the BBC, the film was shot in comic sketches and TV shows. Soon he was noticed by filmmakers. So good-hearted Ethnoni Robert McMillan was in the world of great cinema.

As a film actor, Coltrade declared about himself in 1980. The career of the star of the movie screen began for him from such films as The Deadly Clock, Krull and Tutti Frutti.

About that, what such big success, the actor has learned,starring in the comedy "Nuns on the run". The audience could not resist the charm of the "nun", which was played by Robbie Coltrane. The growth of the actor in a professional sense began after filming in the films Golden Eye, "And the whole world is small," "From hell." But the real popularity came after the role of the good-natured fat man-Hagrid from the series of films about the adventures of the little wizard Harry Potter.

Price of fame

height and weight
After the "Harry Potter", he almost did not go outoutside. Even in the shop only at night, in the daytime he was surrounded by a crowd. Now he could not do what he had done before - just walking around the city, driving his kids to a cafe and a swimming pool ... Robbie Coltrane, whose height and weight were greatly exaggerated by the director who directed Harry Potter, was the subject of endless comparisons and discussions.

In an interview, Coltrane confessedjournalists, that before going somewhere with his family, he has to call this institution and inquire about the time of the "lull" at which time. The problem is that some people are too enthusiastic to react to this big man who is tired of everyone's attention.

It is difficult to keep Coltrane incognito. In whatever outfit Robbie Coltrane put on, the height of 185 cm always gives it out. Although the actor tries in any situation to defend his right to behave as he would like, but ... It is only "Hagrid" wander into an unremarkable Scottish pub, and the next day all the newspapers are already writing about it.

In London things are much the same. "Fame is not water and, simply closing the tap, you can not get rid of it," says the actor. Having no choice, he is very nervous, meeting intrusive and unceremonious people.

On the hospital bed is Robbie Coltrane. Is the popularity growing?

coltrane robbie

On board an airplane flying to Orlando, RobbieColtrane was when, together with his colleague, actor Michael Gambon (in the series of films about the little pupils of the school of wizards, he was given the role of Professor Dumbledore), he hurried to a conference dedicated to the famous magician.

While Coltrane was in the hospital, unknownthe user of the global network tweeted that Coltrane's malaise was nothing but the effects of an overdose of alcoholic drinks, which a famous artist was drinking before leaving for the United States.

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