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What is life? It would seem a very simple question, to which each of us knows the answer. After all, we all live, we exist for a certain period of time, and then we leave this world. Therefore, this concept is not new for us.

However, when you start to think about itquestion, the answer seems far from as obvious as previously thought. The fact is that, most likely, the interpretation of this concept can not be realized only with the help of words. It is somewhere inside each of us, somewhere in the soul and heart.

If we turn to scientific interpretations, thenthe definition of life sounds something like this: "This is the way of existence of biological organisms of the whole planet and a single organism." Biology gives us such a decoding. If we summarize all the proposed explanations given by scientists of this or that sphere, it becomes clear that life is a form of active "presence" of the organism on the Earth.

Let's reflect on what life is,relying only on their natural notions, not involving theory. Many believe that we live, because we exist. But is it? There are people who would argue with this.

Imagine a standard situation that canhappen with everyone: problems at work, the family is collapsing, relationships with children do not add up ... This is a simple scheme that meets very often. And here is the man who stands in its center, and just thinks that he does not live, but simply EXIST! So what is life in this case? Life is harmony in the family and in the soul. After all, for each of us there are certain concepts necessary for happiness, that is, for a harmonious existence. For someone it's love, for someone - work, but for many - family and children. The list can be continued indefinitely, but the important thing here is not this: you just need to understand what you need to ensure that your life does not turn into a miserable existence.

Now let's think about whythe concept of "life" is so hard to decipher. All the words that we appeal, analyzing our earthly existence, we came up with ourselves, that is, people. However, the meaning that is embedded in them can not be embedded in simple human expressions. It is hidden somewhere deep inside the concept, and we can not fully explain it.

For example, many people simply do not trustScientific explanations offered to us by scientists. They rely only on their inner sensations. Laws are invented only for those who accept them. The rest live by the command of the heart and conscience. Perhaps this would be completely correct, if we could carefully listen to ourselves, and, most importantly, "hear". Those signals that the body gives us, we do not always interpret correctly.

Therefore, in order to understand what life isfor you, first of all, turn to your inner "I", ask him what you need for happiness and harmony. After all, if you get the right answers to your questions and can decipher them, then your earthly existence will be filled with meaning. If you need to get an answer to this question, then you still do not see the full meaning in your life. Otherwise, you would not have been visited by such thoughts.

Smile of a child, joy at a meeting with a loved onea man, promotion, parents' health - this is what causes in each of us a storm of positive emotions and a sense of completeness of life. It is a full-fledged existence that turns us into a person who is able to appreciate the world around us and what is happening to it. Be able to see happiness, enjoy it, feel, because this is life as it is! After all, it is emotions that make us full-fledged residents of society and people in general. So let's match! Although this is very difficult!

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