Why can not you put an empty bottle on the table: tradition or superstition?

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When the feast is in full swing and a variety of drinks are poured by the river, sooner or later the bottles containing them become empty.

why on the table you can not put an empty bottle
What do they usually do with empty bottles? With them come in different ways, someone immediately removes them, and someone, spilling the contents of glasses or glasses, returns the empty bottle to the place from which he took it - on the table. And at the same time, as a rule, among those sitting at the table there will always be at least one guest who will point out the infidelity of such a step, arguing that the emptied bottle on the table is a bad omen. And indeed, almost everyone has heard that there is such a belief, but not everyone knows where it came from. So all the same, why can not you put an empty bottle on the table? This sign has several explanations. Let's try to figure out what versions of this belief exist and whether to stick to them.

Why not put an empty bottle on the table, where did it come from? Historical version

There is such a legend that the tradition of cleaning upThe devastated bottles under the table were born thanks to Russian Cossacks. They brought her from France, where in 1812-1814. made a military campaign. In those days, drinking alcohol was not paid as it is now. Calculation of the amount, which was purchased alcohol, vyle at the end of the feast. And it was defined as follows: the Parisian waiters considered the number of empty containers left on the tables. And then one day, one savvy Cossack came up with the idea of ​​how to save money and pay less. During the feast a number of empty bottles were removed under the table, as a result of which the Cossacks did not have to pay for them. Thus, the answer to the question of why you can not put an empty bottle on the table can be explained by an old tradition. Which, apparently, well established.

Why not put an empty bottle on the table? What does sign mean?

Superstitious people their desire to quickly removeempty containers from the table are explained not by traditions. They believe that the emptiness formed in the bottle is a bad sign, so to speak, not for good.

why you can not put an empty bottle on the table
On the question of why you can not put on the tablean empty bottle, they will tell you several versions. According to one of them, emptiness attracts impure force. Leaving the empty bottle on the table means giving the table under the power of the unclean. Another sign from the category of superstition is the belief that if you leave bottles on the table, then the house will be empty and money will not be siphoned. There is even a popular saying about this.

The opinion of the church

The church is negative about superstitions. According to the clergymen, faith in any signs is a manifestation of distrust towards God, substitution of a true faith for a more accessible one, which does not require any spiritual expenses and work on oneself. Why can not you put an empty bottle on the table? What happens if a black cat suddenly crosses your path? These and many other questions should not arise from a true Christian. The need for something to believe is inherent in any human soul. Those who do not believe in God or believe in him are not enough, satisfy their need, paying attention to any signs and superstitions. It would seem that, with the progress of progress and universal enlightenment, superstition should be relegated to the distant future, but this does not happen. We observe such a picture: human society is mired in superstition. And it's sad, because it shows that there are very few truly believing people who trust God, and not some signs.

why you can not put an empty bottle on the table, a sign

The practical side of the question

Considering that we are not Russian Cossacks and no onewill write out an account for us, counting the number of empty bottles on the table, removing the packaging from these considerations is probably silly. If you are not from the superstitious people because of your belief in God or just disbelief in all sorts of nonsense - you, too, will not be in a hurry to clean the container under the table for fear of causing trouble. But still, why not put an empty bottle on the table?

why you can not put an empty bottle on the table, where it came from
Everything is very simple. There is also a practical side to the question. The empty container on the table clutters the space, it may look like a transparent hint to the guests that it is time for them to leave, and in general, the table with empty bottles, salad bowls, saucepans and other cutlery looks sloppy.

Why not put an empty bottle on the table? Choose for yourself the version that you prefer.

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