Melodious Tatar names for the girl - what they mean and how they choose

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Muslims choose a name for their child withspecial care. Most of them believe that the future destiny of a person largely depends on him. It is for this reason that the name should not only sound beautiful (which is also important), but also give its owner some kind of positive quality.

Tatar names for girls
For example, Tatar names for girls usuallysignify physical or spiritual beauty, obedience or meekness, intelligence or economy. The boy, as a rule, is called so that he grows rich, wise, strong. In principle, the culture of many peoples of the name attached great importance. However, recently, external factors often influence the choice. And not always positive.

In Soviet times, we met quite oftenCrimean Tatar names of girls created artificially under the influence of communist ideas. For example, Lennie literally means "Lenin is", Lemaire - "Lenin, Marx", Zarema - "for the revolution of the world", Elmar - "Engels, Lenin, Marx." There are a lot of other not very successful examples. Years later, they were so tightly integrated into the culture of Soviet Muslims that even now, when the communist government and its influence on the lives of citizens are long behind, they continue to be called children, not only in the Crimea, but throughout the post-Soviet space. In principle, a similar situation was observed in other peoples of the USSR. One Dazdruperma (long live May 1) is worth it.

Crimean Tatar names of girls
List of Tatar names for girls is enoughIt is great to be able to choose both beautiful and comfortable in pronunciation, and suitable in meaning. In addition to the Soviet influence on the culture of different peoples, there are others. There are Tatar names for the girl, whose origin is associated with Western European. For example, Regina, Elvira, Ilmira, Evelina, Elvina. But each of them also has its own specific interpretation. Ilmira - honest, conscientious, Regina - the queen, wife of the king.

list of Tatar names for girls
Eastern and Western cultures are already closerintersect with each other. Recently, Tatar names for girls are chosen not only in Muslim families. They are found among the Slavs, in the countries of Central and Western Europe, on the American continent.

It is unlikely that anyone will be surprised if they learn that the Russianthe girl was called Alsou (very beautiful) or Jasmine (in honor of the flower), not to mention Lily (white tulip) or Louise (glorious battle). Undoubtedly, in this case the decisive role in the choice is played not by the very meaning of the word, but by the beauty of the sound.

Choosing Tatar names for the girl,brought up in a non-Muslim family, you need to take into account certain nuances. Do not dwell on the first available version, taking into account only its sound. Be sure to ask the meaning of this name, because it can really affect a child's life, even indirectly. For example, calling the girl Dzhusama (sounds good, but in translation means "nightmare"), you can condemn her to numerous insults in childhood and adolescence, which can affect the mental health of the child. You should also take into account the sound taking into account the phonetic features of the native language. For example, the name Bizyak for Tatars, perhaps, sounds beautiful (means "pattern"), but, for example, for the Russian language is not entirely acceptable and even rude. Therefore, before making a final choice, one should think well, consult with relatives and analyze the possible consequences. Do not risk the fate of the child, blindly following the fashion trend or calling it the name of your favorite hero from the television series.

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