Actress Linda Tabagari: the way from the podium to the cameras

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In 2006, the STS channel showedthe first series of the series "Kadetstvo" that has become very popular in the future. In the second season, the main character of Maxim Makarov appears girl Rita Pogodina, whose role was brilliantly performed by a young actress Linda Tabagari. At the time of the release of the series, the actress turned thirteen. However, the surprise of interested fans was not the limit when it became known that the actress had other earlier roles.

linda tabbagari

Childhood and creative endeavors

On the twenty-fourth of August 1993 in the capitalRussia there was a girl who was named Linda. Her father has Georgian roots, while her mother is Russian. From an early age in the baby brought up love of beauty. Her kindergarten was not ordinary: children were introduced to music. Parents early noticed in his daughter creative vein. To ensure that the gift was not lost, they decided to give Linda to the model school of Slava Zaitsev. And at the age of five, the girl boldly went to the podium. Mom drove the baby to a variety of castings. Entering the first grade, Linda Tabagari already had several successful roles in the creative list. She successfully played in the musicals "Alice in Wonderland" and "Annie". Parents sought to comprehensively develop the girl's talents. In addition to the model podium and the theater, Linda Tabagari studied at the music school at the PAM. Gnessins.

Conquering the film industry

When the girl was 9 years old, she was approved forrole in the continuation of the sensational and popular detective series "Kamenskaya: for all it is necessary to pay". Linda Tabagari masterfully got used to the image of the daughter of the major of militia Yuri Korotkov, who, in turn, played Sergei Garmash. Clean and unspoiled child liked the viewers very much, and the project directors decided to continue their cooperation with Linda. So it appeared in the following parts of the series "Kamenskaya": "Stolen dream", "Illusion of sin", "When the gods laugh", "The Seventh Sacrifice". In one of the interviews, the young actress confessed that acting in serious films at that age is very difficult. She often wanted to quit everything.

linda tabaghari personal life

Continuation of career

In 2004, the television series went serial"Only you", in which a prominent role was played by Linda Tabagari. Biography of the girl in the same period is supplemented by another significant event. She debuts in the full-length tape "Personal number", directed by Evgeny Lavrentiev. She gets the role of a brave daughter of a police major who prevents a terrorist attack.

However, the recognition and love of the audience, Linda receivedafter the release on the screens of the youth series "Kadetstvo", which tells about the fate of the Suvorovites. The actress plays the role of a slightly selfish Rita, who throws one young man for the sake of the second. The whole country followed the love triangle with a sinking heart. It would seem that the youth series could not be of interest to the adult generation. But the problems of the children from the series so clearly reflected the real situation in society, that even grandparents did not lose sight of the "Kadetstvo".

linda tabaghari biography

Series "Ranetki" and "After school"

After this project Linda fell downproposals for participation in the filming of various films. In 2007, the actress starred in two films ("Gagarin's Grandson" and "Waiting for a miracle") and two serials ("The Hour of Volkov" and "The Limit of Desire"). When the girl turned fifteen, she was invited to the series "Ranetki." Linda with brilliance played not the main, but rather significant role of Rita Luzhina. Following the youth series in 2008, the actress starred in the films "The Witch Doctor" and "The Seal of Solitude." Then it first appeared in the music videos of Igor Krutoy, PYGAS FAMILY and other performers. In 2012, the television series "After School", where the role of the main character Ksyusha performs Linda Tabagari. The personal life of a high school student is not as exciting as a career, her interests revolve around money, Christina Aguilera and gossip.

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