Yekaterinburg Mayor Yevgeny Roizman: Biography and Political Activity

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It is generally accepted that a largeto be created only in the capital. This statement is not always true. Outside the Ring Road there are also important events for the country and there are strong personalities. And the first one who comes to mind in this context is, of course, Roizman Evgeny Vadimovich.

The Ural nugget

In the political culture of the United StatesAmerica has such a fundamental concept - "Salfmeidman". In translation, this means - a man who made himself. The one who managed to break the fate of the knee and achieve its contrary to all negative life circumstances. Of course, such people are not only overseas, sometimes they are found in our homeland. Yevgeny Roizman, the mayor of Yekaterinburg, is undoubtedly one of the brightest regional politicians.

evgeny roizman
Moreover, it is no exaggeration to say that his fate and political career has no precedent in modern Russia. Let's take a closer look at this remarkable man.

Biography Facts

Roizman Evgeny Vadimovich was born in the capitalindustrial Ural in 1962. At that time this city was called Sverdlovsk. On the early years of the policy information sources contain very little information, it is known only that at the age of 14 he left the parental home. I earned myself without neglecting any work. He led a free way of life and managed to go round almost the entire Soviet Union. He served two years in prison in a juvenile colony.

evgeny roizman mayor
Later he worked as a fitter on the famous"Uralmash". He graduated from the Urals State University with a degree in history and archives. Elected deputy of the State Duma of the fourth convocation. Married with a second marriage. The civil wife of Evgeny Roizman, Aksana Panova, works in the media sphere. Father of three daughters.

The capital of the Urals

It is necessary to understand what is todaya city whose mayor is Roizman Evgeny Vadimovich. Ekaterinburg already by the beginning of the so-called dashing nineties was by no means only the leading industrial center of the Ural region.

mayor of yevgeny roizman
In this fourth largest city in Russiathe hardest problems and contradictions have accumulated. Even the catastrophic state of urban engineering and social infrastructure and the extreme corruption of all echelons of power faded before the criminal lawlessness that swept the capital of the Urals. The city, traditionally located at the crossroads of trade routes from west to east and from Central Asia to the center, turned out to be a trans-shipment base for all drug traffic across the territory of Russia. Narcomafia controlled many areas of urban life. A lot of young people were sitting on the needle, their age was short. The city was full of evil, and a simple man was powerless against him.

"City without drugs"

His public work Evgeny Roizmanbegan with the sole resistance to evil, which swept over his hometown. The situation was greatly complicated by the corruption of law enforcement agencies, often located on the maintenance of the drug mafia. This was an initiative from below. And it sharply contradicted the intentions of the authorities, who only imitated the fight against drugs.

royzman evgeny vadimovich екатеринбург
But Evgeny Roizman acted with harsh methods -collected drug addicts in the rehabilitation centers that they opened, and often kept them in isolation forcibly. Exposed the dragdiller networks with agent methods and handed over the distributors of the militia. Repeatedly threatened both by the drug mafia and by law enforcement agencies for the illegality of their methods. However, time showed that Eugene Roizman was right. The objective statistics show that the death rate from overdoses in the capital of the Urals has decreased twelvefold only in the first four years of its fund activity in the early 2000s. Of course, the evil was not completely crushed. But the myth of his invincibility was dispelled.

Power is in the truth

The success of the "City without Drugs"brought its creator deserved authority in his native city and far beyond. Stop on the reached Eugene Roizman was not going to. He felt his strength and growing influence. And has developed its activities in the sphere of politics. This turn has come very badly to the power of the powers that be.

royzman evgeny vadimovich
In a city where everything has long been seized, corruptand divided, suddenly there was a young energetic politician, inclined towards the ruling elite, to put it mildly, in opposition. Roizman often and often appeared in the media and in the virtual space, behaved defiantly and went on an open conflict with the authorities. His website on the Internet was decorated with the slogan "Power in Truth", and this was not empty rhetoric.


Significant resonance in Russian societyresponded to the conflict in the suburban village of Sagra, where local residents gave a sharp rebuff to armed bandits. Ethnic criminal group suffered in the course of the collision loss - one bandit was killed and several injured. This was extremely unexpected. But the criminal prosecution was not threatened by the drug mafia that attacked the village. The cases were initiated on the residents who defended their homes. Return the people the notion of justice allowed only a large public resonance, especially on the Internet, and vigorous interference in the situation of Eugene Roizman. The bandits found themselves in the dock and, from there, openly threatened the public figure with murder. "I go unguarded, my address is known to everyone," Eugene calmly answered.

The pre-election campaign of 2013

Evgeny Roizman, the mayor of Yekaterinburg, was elected to thehis post in September 2013. This was preceded by an unprecedented company of impudence and unbridled slander, led by both the local and central government against the opposition candidate. That's just the effect of this was just the opposite of what was expected. Moscow appointees were forced to leave for the capital with nothing. What is called "crawled with a pre-pinched tail." The voters of Yekaterinburg voted for Yevgeny Roizman. His motto "Power in truth" was not an empty declaration.

Eugene Roizman's wife
The post of the mayor of Yekaterinburg impliesso much influence. This is rather a public position without significant financial authority. But the authorities suffered a sensitive moral defeat, almost for the first time in modern Russian reality. And today the Cabinet of the Mayor of Yekaterinburg is decorated not with a portrait of President Putin, as it should be by status, but with a portrait of the poet Joseph Brodsky.

In the cultural space

The story of the mayor of Yekaterinburg will be incomplete ifnot to mention his beginnings in the field of culture and art. Eugene Roizman himself is the author of several poetic books, repeatedly published in central periodicals. On his poems created several songs that have become widely known. Already at the mayor's post he collected a large collection of Ural artists. Among them are such world celebrities as Mikhail Brusilovsky and Vitaly Volovich. Reproduction albums of their works are published. Roizman's collection of paintings will eventually be transformed into a museum. The most important initiative is the creation of the museum "Nevyanskaya icon", which includes in its collection unique works of icon painters of the Old Believers tradition.

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