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Yuri Berg is a well-known domestic politician and public figure. Currently holds the post of governor of the Orenburg region. He has been in this position since 2010.

Biography policy

yuriy berg

Yuri Berg was born in a small village Nyrob in the Perm region. He was born in 1953. His parents were civil servants.

When the hero of our article was 8 years old, the familymoved to the Orenburg region. The Bergs settled in Orsk - this is the second most important industrial city in the region, where non-ferrous metallurgy, machine building, oil refining, food processing, power engineering and geological exploration are developing.

Education Berg

High school in Orsk Berg Yuri Alexandrovichhe graduated in 1969. After 9 classes he went to the nautical school in Astrakhan. The profession of a seafarer of distant voyages has always attracted him with high incomes in the future and a special romance. He received a diploma in Marine Navigation.

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However, after the school, he decided to continue studying. In 1982 he graduated from the State Pedagogical University in Orenburg. Already in 2000 he became the owner of the second diploma of higher education in the Orenburg State University. This time on the specialty of an economist-manager.

Work experience

Yuri Berg began his working career in the trust "Orenburgspetsstroy" as a simple handyman. He entered this enterprise in 1974, when he turned 21 years old.

Governor of Yuri Bergh

After graduating from the Pedagogical Universitythe hero of our article for nine years worked as a teacher in one of the schools of Orsk, and in 1985 became the director of secondary school No. 15. In this post, Yuri Berg worked until the early 90's.

After the collapse of the USSR, Berg went into business. In 1997, he already headed the closed joint-stock company Orsk-ASKO. In the late 90's he became general director of the limited liability company Orsk-Service LTD, and a little later - the head of the limited liability company Novotroitsky Cement Plant. Since 2005, he has been working as Deputy General Director for Regional Development in the open joint-stock company OrskInterSvyaz.

Political career

Yuri Berg, whose biography is connected withpolitics, went to the authorities when he was still a school director in Orsk. In 1990, he was invited to the post of deputy head of the city administration. In this position he supervised a block of social issues.

 governor of the Orenburg region Yuri berg

In the mid-90's was included in the reserve of federal executive bodies. In 1997 he took the post of deputy director of the fund of assistance to the tax police in the Orenburg region.

In 2005, he won the election of the head of Orsk, and in 2010 he was appointed governor of the Orenburg region by presidential decree.

The second term

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In 2014, Governor Yuri Berg made a decisiongo for a second term. For this, he went through a standard procedure. In May, he submitted an early resignation, which was adopted by Russian President Vladimir Putin. This was done so that the candidate could officially take part in the elections.

In addition to Berg, four morecandidate. And among them there was not a single representative of the parliamentary parties. Competition was made by Galina Shirokova from the party of pensioners of Russia, Abdrakhman Sagritdinov from the party of veterans of Russia, Tatyana Titova from the "Civil Platform" and Alexander Mitin from the party HONESTLY (Man, Justice, Responsibility).

It is not surprising that, with such rivals, Yuri Berg, the governor of the Orenburg region, became confident for the second time.

At the same time,high turnout, about 44%. According to the results of the elections more than 80% of voters voted for Berg (more than half a million people in the Orenburg region). The second was Alexander Mitin, who received more than 7%, in third place Tatiana Titova with a result of 4.5%. About 3.5% of voters voted for Abdrakhman Sagritdinov, and about 2.5% voted for Galina Shirokov.

On September 26, 2014, Berg officially took up his duties.

Income information

Like all Russian officials, the Governor of BergYuri Alexandrovich declares his income every year. At the end of 2016, the head of the Orenburg region earned almost four million rubles. In individual and common share ownership, he has two land plots, as well as a house with an area of ​​138 square meters.

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The wife of the head of the region earned a total ofabout 220 thousand rubles. In her individual ownership are two plots of land, one of which has an area of ​​more than two thousand square meters. And also a house with an area of ​​almost 550 square meters. In the common share ownership of the wife of the governor with her husband an apartment of about 90 square meters.

Personal life

Governor Berg is married, he has two children and threegrandchildren. His name is Lyubov Fyodorovna. Recently, she is actively engaged in social activities. It is headed by the women's movement of Orsk, and since 2010 is head of the association of public organizations in eastern Orenburg.

She owns the limited liability company "Basis-N", which is officially registered in the Orenburg region.

At the head of the region the eldest son, Sergei Yurievich,works as the first deputy in the construction corporation "Horizon", and also holds the post of general director at the closed joint-stock company "Silicate plant", which is located in Novotroitsk. In the region, he is quite a large businessman, owns a share in the house-building plant called "Ural", which he managed until 2010. It also holds stakes in several companies located in the region. He has a wife and two daughters, who are called Evelina and Jennifer.

Younger son, Alexander Y. Berg, since 2008is the general director of the limited liability company "Novotroitsky Roofing Materials Plant TehIsol". At the same time he owns this company.

With the activity of the head of the Orenburg regionthere are a lot of scandalous situations. One of the most notable incidents occurred after Berg's wife purchased a plot of land for an amount ten thousand times lower than its official cadastral value. The local newspaper "Yaik" made this public information. However, the entire issue of the issue, in which the journalistic investigation was printed, was bought by an unknown person. Therefore, this story did not immediately receive a public response.

Many considered the candidacy of Berg as headOrenburg region by pure chance. Ostensibly it was actively promoted and lobbied by Viktor Chernomyrdin, who at that time was the Prime Minister of the Russian Federation. Therefore, for many analysts, the fact that Berg managed to stay at the head of the region and win elections was a surprise.

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