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The hero of the article is Kirill Vladimirovich Barabash,whose biography is interesting in connection with the completion of the trial in the case of the IGPR "ZOV", where the lieutenant-colonel was deprived of an officer's rank and sentenced to real imprisonment. How did the formation of such a bright and contradictory personality take place and why is Kirill Vladimirovich called a prisoner of conscience?

Cyril Barabash


The childhood of his father, Vladimir Pavlovich,in the post-war years. Being brought up in an incomplete family, he firmly decided to become a military man. He served in the Air Force, received a brilliant education. He was promoted to major general of aviation. For 10 years, until 1996, he headed the WATU. Later, his son, Kirill Barabash, graduated from the Achinsk school. Honored officer, Vladimir Pavlovich has in the track record the awarding of two orders and 18 medals. After dismissal from the ranks, RA continued to work for a citizen, headed the headquarters of the Ministry of Emergency Situations (Kaluga region). Currently he lives in Zhukovsky, is engaged in public work, maintains links with graduates of the aviation technical school.

He was able to convey his love for aviation to children. Daughter Elena studied at the Civil Aviation Engineer in Kiev, the son Cyril graduated from the flight school in Barnaul, and then the WATU. Together with his wife Valentina, Vladimir Pavlovich had to serve in Siberia and Transbaikalia, Mongolia and Vietnam, in Ukraine. In Kiev in 1977, on January 21, Kirill Barabash was born, to whom the article is devoted.

Kirill Barabash's sentence


The father believed that a real officer shouldstrive to be fully developed, cultured and educated person. Heading the school, he paid attention to relations with the local drama theater, invited stage artists, encouraged the development of the Cavaena movement. It is not surprising that his son received an artistic and musical education. Many of his entourage still believe that he is a good poet. Kirill himself often calls himself an artist. In addition to flying training, in Tomsk he was educated as an aviation engineer, graduating from the Polytechnic Institute. Later in Moscow he entered the Law Academy, is a Chartered Lawyer. Among hobbies is underwater swimming.

In recent years Barabash Kirill Vladimirovichlived in Zhukovsky and Lyubertsy, served in the Research Institute of the Ministry of Defense. His field of activity is the electrical equipment of aviation equipment. But he is known for his political views.

Barabash Kirill Vladimirovich

Biography of Cyril Barabash: AVN

Historian Yu. Mukhin in the late 90's was created a public organization, known as AVN. "The army of the will of the people" actively cooperated with the Union of Soviet Officers, where the political career of the hero of the article began. He was distinguished by two qualities: a high level of organization and a real oratorical talent. He always expresses his thoughts clearly and very emotionally. The views of the AVN and its leader Yuri Mukhin coincided with the principled position of Barabash, who always expressed dissatisfaction with the heads of the power ministries. The negative opinion about the top military officials grew into the condemnation of corruption in the upper echelons of power in general. One of his main beliefs is that state men do not serve the people, but his bank accounts.

The ideology of the AVN was based on the creation of mechanismsthe formation of the responsibility of those in power over the population. For this purpose, a referendum was being prepared for the adoption of amendments to the Constitution of the Russian Federation, where the norms of punishment of officials up to the highest measure were allowed. It was supposed to bring the number of members of the organization to 50 thousand to get 2 million signatures required for a large-scale referendum, but in 2011 the organization was banned for the propaganda of extremism. Lieutenant-Colonel Kirill Barabash, whose biography is devoted to this article, was at that time already among the leaders of the AVN. Together with all he actively participated in pickets and rallies.

Biography of Cyril Barabash


Activists of the social organization do notThey left, 3 years before the closure of the AVN, they organized an initiative group, the purpose of which was to hold a referendum (IGPR). The movement "For Responsible Elections" took part in the events on the Bolotnaya Square, promoted its views, supported those political forces in whose statutory documents there were clauses on the responsibility of officials and authorities to the people. They joined the boycott of presidential elections in 2011, after the candidate they supported, Boris Mironov, was denied registration. The basis for such a decision was his pamphlet, recognized as extremist. In the summer of 2015, three activists - the former leader of the AVN and the editor of the banned Duel, Y. Mukhin, journalist A. Sokolov (RBC TV channel) and V. Parfenov - were detained on charges under Art. 282.2 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation. They were charged with the creation of an extremist organization. Kirill Barabash was initially considered a witness, but in December 2015 his apartment was searched, after which the officer also sat on the dock.

The charge was based on testimonywitnesses, who allowed the investigation to bring charges against the organization's dissemination of extremist materials. The evil intention of the IGPR was not realized because of the suppression of its activities by law enforcement agencies. The line of defense was based on the fact that the initiative group is not the legal successor of the banned AVN. Human rights organizations saw a political component in the process. In their opinion, the accused were brought to trial for their political views. Prisoner of conscience was recognized and Cyril Barabash.


Before the announcement of the judgment, the three accusedwere in jail. Yu. Mukhin for health reasons - under house arrest. The verdict of Judge Krivoruchko (Tverskoi Court of Moscow) was made on August 10, 2017. In the courtroom there were about a hundred people, as many sympathizers were waiting for a decision near the building. On charges of extremist activity, the three received various real terms. The journalist Sokolov, for whom the ombudsman applied, will serve his sentence for 3.5 years. K. Barabash and V. Parfyonov - on 4. Mukhin given a suspended sentence due to his state of health. The participant of the military actions of Kirill Barabash was stripped of his military rank by the decision of the court. All the defendants submitted an appeal to a higher authority.

Lieutenant Colonel Kirill Barabash, biography

Personal life

Barabashu was lucky with his wife. She is his real support and companion. Daria Kucheryavaya gave birth to the wife of two children. At the time of the trial, the youngest daughter was slightly over 2.5 years old. The human rights organization Memorial Kirill Barabash is recognized as a political prisoner. Daria regularly speaks in the media, trying to defend the honest name of a spouse with political views, the opposition officially approved.

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