Foreign investments in Russia: forecast for 2013

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Investment plays a crucial role in the economycountries. In an effort to attract the maximum amount of funds, the government creates all the conditions for deposits, ensures the safety of capital, profitably presents opportunities for financial growth. If in the past, in the pre-revolutionary period of the life of our state, entrepreneurship and production were at a fairly high level, and foreign investment in Russia was impressive, today, despite the apparent economic development, the share of revenues from abroad is not large enough.

foreign investment in russia

Foreign investments are investments inthe industry of another country for the purpose of making a profit. They can be presented in any form: financial, material, intellectual or informational. Despite the fact that today foreign investment in Russia is only a small percentage of GDP, their role in the development of the economy is more significant than domestic financing. First of all, because together with the capital of foreign corporations, the state receives not only modern production technologies, but highly skilled management personnel, which introduce new methods in the field of management and marketing.

 foreign investment is

At present, foreign investments in Russia are represented by depositors of such countries as:

• Cyprus - 21%;
• The Netherlands - 20%;
• Luxembourg - 18%;
• Great Britain - 8%;
• GDRs - 7%;
• USA - 4%;
• Ireland - 2.4%;
• France - 2.4%;
• Switzerland - 2%;
• Other countries - 15.2%.

At the same time, the vast majority of investment funds- this is the capital previously exported from Russia, that is, in fact, it is domestic finances that make such an intricate path. A large share of direct investment goes to four main regions: Moscow and St. Petersburg, including the regional territories. The remaining portfolio foreign investments settle on Sakhalin and in Arkhangelsk. Most often, foreign businessmen are invested in the extractive industry, making bets on oil and gas.

portfolio foreign investments

According to Rosstat, for the past 2012 inthe Russian economy was invested by foreign companies 115 billion dollars, which is less than in 2011 by 15%. At the same time, the outflow of Russian capital in 2012 is more than $ 34 billion, which is more than 32 billion 2011. The trend is obvious. Experts predict that in 2013, foreign support for the Russian economy will also decrease. The specialists of Rosstat explain their forecast by joining the WTO, which led to an increase in the volume of imports. The only obstacle for entering foreign capital into Russia is the existing investment climate. In the world ranking we occupy only 120 place. Today's foreign investment in Russia practically does not play any major role in the development of the country's economy, their share is too small. While the main article of the state budget expenditure is related to anti-corruption actions, which naturally puts us as an unreliable partner for doing business, the situation will not change.

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