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Today there are a huge number of companies,which are engaged in the manufacture of knives for various purposes. The range of products they offer is simply not counted. Leading Swedish knife manufacturers are interested in meeting all the needs of potential consumers and have been producing first-class products for more than a decade. Companies such as Mora, Fallkniven, Morakniv are developing and reinventing materials resistant to wear and tear for blades, creating beautiful, valuable and practically eternal knives.

Swedish knives morakniv

Knives Swedish. Their main distinguishing feature

Swedish knives are very practical, convenient,functional and relatively affordable. Some of them have a rather simple form and general appearance, but the quality of these products, basic functions and safety in use are always at a high level.

Buy Swedish knives, the price of which canmake up from a few hundred to two or three thousand rubles, you can in specialized stores that sell cold steel. So what are they different from others?

Swedish knives fallkniven

First of all, the fact that the "Swedes" are made fromhigh-quality carbon steel, which provides a long grind and durability in use. Handles can be made of both natural and synthetic materials. In their production, birch bars, leather, glue, cupronickel plates and epoxy resins are used.

It is in the technology of manufacturing and is the main difference between Swedish knives and everyone else. It is almost impossible to manufacture them independently.

Swedish knives are always at the height of everyday life, hunting, fishing and military service.

Swedish hunting knives

The Swedish hunting knife meets all the principles andrequirements imposed on hunting tools. It is lightweight, comfortable, resistant to rust and corrosion, has a convenient shape. The handle does not freeze the palm of your hand. Knife is great for removing skins from game and cutting carcasses. For its manufacture, four types of steel are used:

  • carbon;
  • stainless;
  • modified carbonaceous;
  • laminated.

The handle is conveniently placed in the palm of your hand and warms very quickly from body temperature. The kit includes a strong plastic sheath.

Swedish hunting knife

Swedish folding knives

The Swedish folding knife is a great tool forhunting, travel, tourism, outdoor recreation and fishing. Due to the multilayer steel blade with a soft and hard core, the modern polymer coating of the handle provides excellent cutting properties, strength and durability.

To the most popular models relate:

  1. Swedish knives Fallkniven F1. They were released in production in 1995 and have excellent properties of functionality and balance, a quality cut. The product has received numerous awards and high test scores, making it one of the best in the world. Some varieties of these knives are produced, having increased hardening of the blade and models with limited production, equipped with exclusive sheath and handle.
  2. Fallkniven H1. They differ with a smooth cutting edge and a wide bend near the point. Excellent for cutting carcasses and fish of any size. Also, with such knives it is convenient to carry out small work with wood.
  3. EKA Swede T9. These Swedish knives have a unique mechanism on the lock and a light grip. In the assembly bolts are used, which allow the owners to tighten and loosen them independently. After their unscrewing, the cleaning of the knives is greatly facilitated.
  4. EKA Swede 8. This model is very popular and compact, designed for multi-use. It is equipped with a safety folding mechanism and an ergonomic grip with soft grip.

Swedish deserves special attentionfolding knife multitool. It is a universal, multifunctional and valuable tool that helps in a variety of life situations. In addition to the knife itself, the kit includes:

  • scissors;
  • nut wrench;
  • opener;
  • can-opener;
  • pliers, screwdriver;
  • saw;
  • corkscrew.

In a compact multitool all components are made of high-quality steel with the use of the most modern locking mechanisms.

Swedish military knives

Swedish military knife can be with an elongated blade, reaching 245 mm. On the sheath and blade there is a special sign in the form of three crowns - this is the main sign of the product, which is intended for military purposes.

The first army knives Swedish for paratrooperswere called FMJ / 52 and had a handle made of birch or birch bark with a metal head. The outer covering was made of red rubber. The fighting knife had a guard (a cross guard, protecting fingers), a stamp of crowns, the year of manufacture and the manufacturer's factory.

mora knife

Modern models of Swedish military knives haveA narrow blade, a set leather or plastic handle and a full-sized steel guard. In addition, the combined models are produced: plastic - metal - tarpaulin. The handle of some army knives is equipped with a tightening bolt. Bayonet knives and knives for survival are also produced.

Today there are many different typesSwedish military knives, and no model is a direct weapon for hand-to-hand combat. The main part of the knives for combat are daggers with a bilateral sharpening of the blade, but Swedish companies do not produce such models. Even the landing knife has one sharply sharpened side, the second one third of the length of the blade is made with a false sharpening - a drivetrain that does not have a cutting edge.

Mora knives

Unique tourist production knivesof the brand Mora are known to many people all over the world. A wide range of convenient and simple products is distinguished by its simplicity, exceptional strength and durability.

Historical data

The history of the company comes from the XVII centurycentury, when the first official data on the products of artisans from the small provincial Swedish town of Mora appear. At the same time appeared on the blade of knives and the first brand as a pledge of high quality products. Later, the demand for Mora knives led to the emergence of the first factories and manufactories.

The first large-scale production in 1891 wasopenly experienced blacksmith-knzhedelom Eric Frost, and a few years later there were factories Ericsson and Karl Anderson. They were produced under the brand Mora reliable and comfortable Swedish knives for fishermen and hunters. Soon the glory of Scandinavian products spread throughout the world. In 2004, thanks to the merger of Eriksson and Frosts, a trademark was formed - Mora of Sweden. To date, the products of this company have consistently high quality, which is checked by time.

Swedish knife folding


Today Mora of Sweden produces:

  • Classic Swedish knives with a wooden handle and a blade of carbon steel;
  • hunting axes and knives;
  • Knife Mora, designed to care for horses;
  • Work knives for woodcarvers of carpenters and electricians;
  • cutting and chef knives;
  • tourist Swedish knives Morakniv.

Product Features

A distinctive feature of the Mora knives, according to user feedback, are:

  • ascetic design of execution;
  • simplicity and reliability when used;
  • Knife Mora has an affordable price.

Multifunctional and universal modelsare manufactured using stainless, carbon, laminated steel and modified carbon alloy. Knives of this brand are supplied with scabbards (except for kitchen models).

Sharpening of Swedish knives, according to customers, for a long time keeps sharp edge sharpness.

The tool is not exacting in care and is easily sharpened. Millions of users around the world give their preference to this company's products.

knives Swedish

Swedish Knives Fallkniven

Swedish knives from the company Fallkniven wonits impeccable reputation is not accidental. In their production only ultramodern materials are used, which are carefully tested for all indicators. For example, when manufacturing blades, high-quality laminated steel is used. Also all products are endowed with corrosion-resistant plates and a solid core. The knives of the Fallkniven knives are made only of high-strength and reliable polymer materials that are not subject to low temperatures.

 Swedish knives price

The distinctive features of all products areImproved cutting properties and proven durability. It is not for nothing that these Swedish knives are delivered officially to the court of the Swedish king. It should be noted that for the main part of the models there is a fairly laconic design, because the Scandinavian character does not tolerate excessive decor. But in spite of this, the quality of Fallkniven's knives does not cause any doubts even among real experts of cold steel all over the world. It always met world standards, due to what the knives earned their fame and recognition. The company Fallkniven produces a huge number of a wide variety of hunting, tourist and household knives for absolutely any taste. Especially popular products are from collectors.

All Fallkniven knives are easy to use and original. This is the optimal ratio of quality, functionality and affordable cost.

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