Physical and legal persons as subjects of small business

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Subjects of small business, according to the Civil CodeRF, must be enrolled in a single state register, only then they acquire this status. They can be individuals and legal and physical.

subjects of small business
Organization and legal aspects of these formsactivities are regulated by law. Individuals include in circulation their own finances. When they unite their capital, they are formally formalized, they acquire the status of a legal person. Commercial organizations that act as small business entities are characterized by the following characteristics:

- company name;

- entering into a single list of legal entities;

- legal address;

- Own balance;

- bank account and stamp;

- a license that allows you to engage in the type of activity of interest.

Register of subjects of small business

register of small business entities
This list includes all organizations andIndividuals who voluntarily passed the test for compliance with certain criteria. If the enterprise is in the register of SMEs, this makes it possible to enjoy the benefits provided for the whole year. However, you will not have to confirm your status every time. To include this list, you must fulfill certain conditions.

1. Fill in the application with the request to enter the register.

2. Prepare all documents.

3. Provide them to the State Budget Office of their city.

Private person as a subject of small business

small business entity
Any citizen of the Russian Federation capable ofto work. In accordance with the Civil Code of the Russian Federation, the willingness to be responsible for their actions, to fulfill their duties comes to the age of majority. It is forbidden by law to be an entrepreneur, to have organizations owned by those who hold public offices at the moment. In order for a citizen, that is to say, a physical person, to become an individual entrepreneur by law, he must register in this status and after obtaining some procedures obtain confirmation evidence. To carry out his activities, he can open an account with the issuing organization. To do this, he needs to collect all the documents and must submit to the bank without fail.

Commercial organizations acting as subjects of small business

They are legal persons.The main goal and motive of their activities is the systematic extraction of profits. This fully corresponds to the definition of "entrepreneurship". To receive a stable profit, the organization can from selling goods and services, using its own property. Legal entities are registered in the form of production cooperatives, as well as unitary enterprises (both municipal and state). But the main commercial organizations, acting as subjects of small business, are communities and economic partnerships. They function in many economic sectors. Of the total number of all existing commercial organizations, companies and partnerships are half.

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