Betty White: "The Perfect Granny of Film and Television"

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Betty White - American actress, starcomedy shows, TV presenter, talented writer and six-time winner of the Emmy Award. This woman deserves the title of hero in the field of art, because she has been working there for more than seventy years. "Golden Girls", "Show of the 70's", "Santa Barbara", "Downpour" - if someone is familiar with these dusty names, then the cult Betty, who has crossed the ninety-year line, is also familiar.

Betty White


The actress was born on January 17, 1922 in the suburbsChicago. At the economically difficult time for America, the White family had to move to Los Angeles. The girl was studying in Beverly Hills. Having received education, the girl felt an irresistible craving for art. In her youth, Betty White worked on TV, in parallel was a model and played on the stage.

During the Second World War, decidedjoin the voluntary movement of American women. For some period of creative activity has moved to the distant future. The potential recovered with renewed vigor only when the war was over. The woman began to work on radio and television, and then completely created a personal project "Betty White show."

Young Betty White

Formation and early work

Then the untwisted star was waited by His MajestyHollywood. Here she created comedy projects, which later had a grandiose success. She starred in the TV show "Life with Elizabeth", which not only brought the nomination for "Emmy", but also made Betty White almost the first actress who dared openly and professionally to mix the whole world with the TV.

In the 50s, the talented comedian herself wasis involved in the creation of successful projects. She led her "Betty White show" and released a comedic picture of "The Date with the Angels," starred in the serial movie "The Steel Hour of the United States." Now everyone recognized her everywhere. Career plank began to inexorably rise.

Young Betty White

Peak of popularity

In the period of greatest popularity, the actress workedin the series "Millionaire", "Station Yubochkino", "Strange Couple" and many others. The project "Mary Tyler Moore" was a real breakthrough - he gave the woman a better role and awarded twice the award "Emmy". Participation in comedy films and television projects became for the star not only a profession, but also a way of life. In 1983, she was named "Best Leading Show."

"Golden girls" is a special page infilmography Betty White. This is a series about four elderly ladies forced to live without men and do it easily and with humor. In addition to innumerable films, cult series and popular TV shows, Betty was engaged in voice acting as well. Her voice can be heard in the episodes of "The Simpsons", "The Griffins", "Wild Thornbury's Family" and not only.

"Golden girls"

Personal life

In the early photo, Betty White looksstunningly. Not surprisingly, the provocative beauty had a colossal success with the male. She was married three times. In 1945, a young female volunteer, apparently, particularly attracted military romance. Her chosen one for the first husband was pilot Dick Barker. However, this union did not stand the test of time, the couple divorced.

In 1947, Lane Allen became the second actress's husband. A new lover was involved in filmmaking and worked in Hollywood. The marriage was not strong, and two years later the husband and wife decided to disperse. In 1963, Betty and her colleague took the life in the shop. Charming television presenter Allen Ludden took the heart of the comedian star when she came to see him on the program. In 1981, Allen died of stomach cancer. After the tragedy, the actress never married again.

Betty with her husband Allen

Last works

In the 2000s, the actress played in many projectsherself, she was invited to a variety of shows, for example, to Oprah Winfrey. Also comprehensively developed Betty received episodic roles in new popular projects ("30 shocks", "My name is Earl"), glowed in the foreground in "Lawyers of Boston." In 2009 she was mentioned in the film "Proposal". Sandra Bullock also played here.

A year later the honored artist was awardedthe title of the most senior adult show "Saturday Night Live". Betty White acquired the status of a truly cult person. Young actors considered it an honor to work side by side with her in some projects, because even in their childhood they burst out laughing at her jokes on TV.

Betty White

Other activities and achievements

After the death of the main, and also incrediblythe famous actresses of the series "Golden Girls", Betty began to attract simply incredible attention from the media and cinematic guilds. Thanks to more than seventy years of continuous participation in film production, it was called "The ideal grandmother of cinema and television."

Merits of the actress are not limited to the fieldscreen activity. She is an active zoo-guard (Betty is president of the well-known in America actor's community that deals with animal protection issues) and the organizer of the charitable foundation. She is also the author of several books on home pets, the life of Princess Diana and her own longstanding career on TV.

Young Betty White surrounded by pets
Betty White is an icon of not only the old time, butand new. After tens of years she did not lose her thirst for life, sparkling humor and external attraction. This is one of the most unique old actresses, who completely and completely deserved all of her awards and world recognition.

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