Chrysolite - a stone of tranquility and tranquility

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Since ancient times, legends of beauty have been composedchrysolite, especially this stone was valued in ancient China, because it was considered the property of the dragon - the beloved animal of this people. Mineral is a green variety of pomegranate, but because of its unusual coloring it is often confused with topaz. With gold and other precious stones of gentle shades, chrysolite perfectly combines. Stone in nature occurs in different shades: yellow, golden, olive, herbaceous, brown, pistachio.

chrysolite stone
Evening emerald - this is how many calledchrysolite. The stone under artificial lighting became completely green, and the yellowness disappeared. A lot of jewelry for several centuries adorned with this particular mineral. Its name was given to the stone by the ancient Greek Pliny, who called all the golden yellow stones, mixing here and topaz.

Not only as jewelry, but also in medicaluses chrysolite. The stone very well helps with diseases of the cardiovascular and nervous systems, its owner will never suffer from insomnia or nightmares. Healers often used the mineral in the treatment of kidney and stomach, as it perfectly relieves pain. It was observed that chrysolite improves eyesight, relieves eye fatigue. Catarrhal diseases, vascular and spinal diseases are also treated with this stone, it is also mentioned that he can cure stammering.

chrysolite zodiac sign
Do not forget about the magical properties,which possesses chrysolite. Jewelry from this stone protects its owners from the evil eye, wrong and thoughtless actions, bad dreams, they can open the gift of clairvoyance and strengthen the physical and mental strength. This is a powerful guard against burns and fires, so it is recommended to wear a stone to anyone who wants to protect themselves from various kinds of injuries. It is especially recommended that men wear chrysolite. The stone increases the attractiveness of the stronger sex and helps with male impotence. He drives out sadness from life, attracts luck and joy.

In some countries the mineral is considered a custodiana home that strengthens the family and promotes mutual understanding between the spouses. It is recommended to wear chrysolite to people who lead an active lifestyle. As a talisman can act as a figure of any animal, it must be put in a prominent place in the house. The charm will attract prosperity and stability to the family. Especially the stone is suitable for young people and sportsmen.

chrysolite decorations
Almost all people can wear chrysolite. The sign of the zodiac, which is most suitable for this stone, is Pisces. First, the mineral is ideal in color, so it is in harmony with the elements of water. Secondly, it is specifically the Pisces chrysolite that helps to make deliberate and well-considered decisions, avoid conflict situations, be more self-confident.

No wonder this mineral is included in the number of regaliaThe Russian crown, he immediately attracts attention with an unusual color and luxurious brilliance. Ornaments with chrysolite look perfect both on young girls, and on adult ladies. It must be remembered that the stone is very attached to the owner, so if it is given to another person, it can get lost or split.

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