What is yin-yang, and how does this symbol blend with Hegel's dialectic

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A popular symbol depicted in manysouvenirs, looks like a circle, divided by a meandering line into two symmetrically arranged equal parts. Inside each of them also there is a circle, meaning the eye of some being whose contours are limited by an external semicircle and a wave. Colored halves of the circle in contrasting colors. What does yin-yang, the image of which has become fashionable in recent years to decorate the most unexpected objects and apply it to your own body in the form of a tattoo? Does this symbol help to resist worldly misfortunes?

which means yin yang

Some people take him for some kind of amulet,amulet, and hang this image in the house, behind the car windshield or worn around the neck in the form of a medallion, saying: "Yin-yang, save me." No, this symbol is not invented in ancient China, it is rather a kind of visual scheme that helps to better understand the essence of the world around us.

The philosophy of Hegel, criticized by Marx andaccused of the fact that everything in it is turned upside down, operates with the notion of "unity and struggle of opposites". Any magnet and the whole of our planet has two poles. Living beings are divided into two sexes. The concept of good and evil is also dualistic. There is light, and there is darkness. From time to time, with a certain periodicity, each side is replaced by the opposite one. This is what yin-yang means, a graphic at first glance that is simply a graphic reflection of the unity of opposites.

what is the word yin yang

All religions in their theories of creating a worldare based on the original holistic chaos that precedes the creation of the universe, and scientists in their research are in solidarity with the Theosophists. As the entropy decreased, the universe was divided into two compensating halves, each of which, reaching a maximum in its development, gave way to another. Round spots of the eyes symbolize the presence inside each of the opposite sides of the embryo of the coming change, the forerunner of the change of phase of the path, called "Tao."

The flow of energy (qi) from one half of the circlein the other, as it were, unites these two mutually inalienable parts, creating the whole. Trying to understand what the word "yin-yan" should be divided into two parts. Black yin symbolizes the female principle, white yang - male. Yin is intuitive, and yang is logical. Yin is death, and yang is life. North and south, cold and warm, plus and minus - that's what yin-yang means.

yin yang save me

The philosophical meaning of this character is so deep,that he already by himself rejects Marx's accusation of Hegel's dialectic. It is impossible to incorrectly turn something that has two heads and two tails, any position of this scheme can be considered correct.

Universal harmony and balance of natural forces -that's what yin-yang means. This concept is universal in its application, it can describe both the state structure and the system of proper nutrition. It has both social, and physical, and chemical meaning.

The ancient Chinese treatise "I-ching", also called the Book of Changes, treats yin-yang as two sides of one mountain, which is one, but consists of two slopes alternately illuminated by the sun's rays.

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