The meaning of the name Arman, fate and characteristics

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Every person sooner or later becomesI wonder what his name means? His parents give us, and as we grow and form, the name also puts a certain imprint on our character and temperament, but we do not even think about it.

The article considers the meaning of the name Arman. Is it male or female? What character traits are inherent in its owner? What are his prospects for career and personal life?

The meaning of the name Arman in translation from different languages ​​and cultures

Many peoples have their own interpretation of thisname in their own language, with their pronunciation overlays, but the name remains recognizable. Many believe that it came from Persia, but the meaning coincides with the Turkic, Kazakh translation and means "dream". In German, this name sounds like Herman and literally means "strong man, warrior". And in the eastern countries the sounding sounds like Armen.

the meaning of the name Arman

The meaning of the name Armand is determined byvowel and open letter "A" and a strong ringing consonant "R". It gives its owner a strong and strong-willed character, purposefulness. In any case and in any situation, the goal set for Arman must be achieved, but only the path to the goal can lie directly on the heads.

Arman, the meaning of the name and fate in the family

An early marriage for this name is not uncommon,but often happens so that together the newlyweds do not live long. The reason for this is the excessive curiosity and love of Arman, his desire to be among gay companies. The meaning of the name Arman astrologers also spread to the choice of the spouse. Most often subconsciously, these guys choose themselves a girl with a strong condition and wisdom beyond the years that she could protect them from the attention of other women. To prevent the marriage from breaking up, Arman needs two or three years to realize his responsibilities in the family, but this period will seem to his wife a very long time. But in the end he will become a wonderful husband and a good father.

the meaning of the name Armand mens

If we talk about the relationship in the socialsphere and work, then Arman is a universal favorite, who is very easy and unconstrained to win the position in the team. Working with him in the team is pleasant enough, he simply and without excessive prejudices accepts advice and instructions from the leader, but eventually, due to his character, begins to try to take power to his hands.

Success and recognition awaits Armand in the professions,which are directly related to working with people or commerce, for example: advocacy, trainer, HR manager, teacher, sales specialist, service worker. But success can manifest in the character and its negative aspects: rigidity, dictatorship, arrogance, authoritarianism, impatience. But if you control and control such manifestations, learn to find harmony in yourself, then Armana will have a beautiful future and a happy life.


Merry little boy, whose name is Armenon, notto occupy. He can share it with friends, always remains cheerful and mischievous. Restless restlessness with pleasure jokes about their peers and not only, teachers in this list also enter. Therefore, parents can often see their son's class teacher.

the meaning of the name Armand characteristic

But children's antics overlap with good onesassessments, boys have time in all subjects, delighting in the successes in their studies of both parents and teachers. People are attracted to this child, as if to the first warmth of the spring sun. Such an attitude can create a "star fever", which partially predicts the meaning of the name Arman. But if this does not happen in childhood or adolescence, then there are all chances of avoiding vanity in the future.

It is often enough to find Armandimmersed in his dreams, but at the same time his dedication and methodicality will not make him Don Quixote. If he came up with a dream and set a goal, he will go to her step by step until it comes true. Do not open your eyes wide and sneer, if Armanchik says that he dreams of a cosmic journey, because when he grows up, he will necessarily fly into space.

Zodiac predisposition to the name

The meaning of the name Arman with ease comes toany sign of the horoscope, but the most successful is his union with the sign of Sagittarius, born between the last week of November and the end of the third week of December.

name armand meaning of name and destiny

Such an alliance will make it possible to fully disclosesociability and friendliness of the guy, and also to add a vector in aspiration to high moral standards and purposefulness in principle. Also this sign will show love for travel and risk both physical and emotional.

Now you know the meaning of the name Armand. Characteristics, perspectives and predilections of a person, whom parents call parents, are described in detail in the article.

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