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At thirty he came to the States. And only after twenty years, he said, these "strange Americans" became more or less accessible to his understanding. And yet he does not cease to be surprised at them without end. It is difficult to understand a country in which he was not born, grew up and spent his childhood, Nikolai Vasilievich Zlobin believes.

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Political technologist, historian, publicist

Every day he finds something new and amazing in this country.

Star of the modern Russian and Americanpolitical technologist, historian and publicist, Nikolai Vasilyevich Zlobin lives and works in Washington. Currently holds the post of President of the Center for Global Interests.

He is the author of many books and publications devoted to political and historical topics, in particular the topic of Russian-American relations.

Mutual language

In one of the interviews " "Nikolai Vasilievich Zlobin described the awareness of the peoples of the two superpowers about each other's life: American and Russian citizens are interested in completely different aspects of information. The "inconsistencies" in approaches are so great that they can be compared to people living in different layers of the atmosphere.

No wonder, the political scientist believes, that when meeting an American and a Russian, it's difficult to find a common language.

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Trifles, of which life consists

In one of his new books, Nikolai Vasilievich Zlobin described the striking difference in the approach of Americans and Russians to the trifles of everyday life. Rather, they seem to him a trifle, Russian.

For example, on joint parties tounload the landlady, in America it's customary to come with your food. When almost everything has already been eaten, the landlady tries to get her uneaten food. She starts cleaning up from the table long before the guests decide to disperse. Everyone participates in cleaning and washing dishes, and then meticulously and amusingly, according to the author, guests find out where their plate is. In the end, they agree to send the missing dishes to each other the other day. And the conversation can go about a penny of plastic cups and plates.

Country of steps

Much more attention should be paid to the observation ofRussian, as Zlobin Nikolai Vasilyevich believes, an American wife (his own, now former). Greater, because in the "trifles" noted by her - deep signs of the mentality of the Russian nation, the self-determination of the people in relation to the universe.

The woman who came to Russia first turnedattention to the abundance levels present everywhere: in front of the entrance of the Stalinist skyscraper, at the entrance to the elevator at the entrance to the park. Climb on a bus, in the tram, in a minibus - you need to overcome the step.

"How are pensioners, invalids, mothers with wheelchairs?" - the woman was perplexed.

After her words, the scientist looked at the givencircumstance. In Russia, there are many steps. This feature of architecture reflects the aspiration of Russian spirituality - upwards, upwards!

And in comparison with the importance of this global aspiration to the "high" that there are some disabled people there? As, however, and other citizens.

In America, according to the political scientist, everyone is at the level of the earth. In order to climb up, no one needs to exert effort: there is a mass of adaptations: ramps, elevators.

In this trifle, many aspects, the scholar believes, are spiritual and social, psychological, worthy of deep analysis.

Take care of yourself

In America they used to live in debt. Citizens like their credit cards. To give loans to them is a good incentive to work without relaxing.

All their lives, Americans are working on their ownsocial security in old age. Annually they receive information about how the amount of their social security varies depending on income and paid taxes during the year.

Throughout life, American citizens earn their old age. It's not the state, but citizens are determined to take care of themselves in the future.

In Russia, not so. Russia, according to the scientist, unlike America, is a social state in which the Constitution guarantees citizens the care of the country about their old age.

About happiness

To the question of happiness, Americans and Russians toofit differently, says Nikolay Zlobin. Russians, in his opinion, feel happiness more emotionally, for Americans it is heavily dependent on certain rationalistic considerations.

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An American needs happiness for happinesssocial, especially financial, security. The whole life of the average American citizen is a kind of social project, the goal of which is to invest in oneself, in children, in health, etc. The American will be happy if he understands that the project was a success. This is more rationalism than feelings.

Russians, however, are happier the less they haverequests. Live, content with small, somewhere in the outback, enjoy every day, nothing to worry about - this is all Russian. The more calm and happier he feels, the less he has to answer and make decisions for something.

A sharp turn

Invitation more than twenty years ago to work in theAmerica became for him a real steep turn. America is the country in which his home is located, where his career has developed and, as Zlobin Nikolai Vasilievich told journalists, his personal life.

Living in the States was never part of his plans. It was a business trip, a contract that lasted twenty years.

Zlobin Nikolay Vasilyevich: personal life, wife

The scientist married many times and divorced. One of his former wives was a citizen of America. With Leah, his current wife, Nikolai Zlobin brings up his daughter.

Nikolai Vasilyevich Zlobin: biography

The future political technologist - the native Muscovite, was born in 1958 in the family of outstanding Soviet scientists. His father, VA Zlobin, was a well-deserved professor and historian. Mother, K. K. Zlobina, is a nuclear physicist.

He studied at the Moscow school number 14, graduated from the historical faculty of Moscow State University.

From 1979 to 1993 - a graduate student, and then a doctoral student of FSE (faculty of public administration). Leading researcher, assistant professor, professor of Moscow State University, consultant to the Kremlin.

Teaching and socio-political activities

In the period from 1993 to 2000, Zlobin Nikolai Vasilievich is engaged in scientific and teaching work in America and Europe: at the universities of Washington, Georgetown, Harvard, and others.

At the same time, he becomes the founder and co-editor of one of the well-known magazines published in the United States dealing with issues of democratization in the post-Soviet countries.

In the period from 2000 to the present:

  • becomes director of the international news agency Washington Profile;
  • heads the programs of the Center for Defense Information, the US Institute of World Security;
  • is a regular participant in discussion clubs and political forums;
  • member of the editorial boards and boards of academic and political publications such as Izvestia, Vedomosti, Rossiyskaya Gazeta, Snob, The New York Times, The Washington Post, The Los Angeles Times, etc .;
  • conducts weekly headings on radio and television;
  • a permanent commentator for the BBC;
  • Advisor to the Government of America, a Kremlin consultant.

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Scientific work

Zlobin wrote about 20 books and 200 scientific publications. His journalism has been translated into many languages ​​and published in 30 countries.

He is the author of university textbooks (history, politics, global journalism). In the far 80's, they issued the first "non-communist" school history textbook.

On the "theory of a non-polar world"

In the early 2000s, he put forward a theory that,that the "non-polar world" lies at the heart of the current international system. On this basis, external state policy should be viewed as a conscious and formalized selfishness.

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Zlobin supports the idea of ​​"eroding" the sovereignty of national powers. He is critical of regional security.

Attitude to Russian politics

He predicts the disintegration of the Russian Federation into separate states. He supports the gradual elimination of Russian internal borders.

He is considered a critic of the current Russian government. But in the media there is information about her informal support to scientists.

On relations with Vladimir Putin

  • In 2005 Nikolay Zlobin managed to get from V. Putin signed a receipt containing assurances of refusing to run for President of the Russian Federation in 2008 and to introduce amendments to the Constitution for obtaining such an opportunity.
  • In 2006, during a conversation with political scientist V. Putin, he was told that he does not consider himself a politician in the traditional sense.
  • In 2008, when asked by journalist Zlobin about how long Putin intends to work as prime minister, he issued a catch phrase: "How much God will give."
  • In 2009, V. Putin told Zlobin that they are with Medvedev "of the same blood," so they have no reason to compete in the next presidential election. They can "sit down and agree".

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Among the most popular books of NicholasVasilyevich Zlobin: "Russia in the post-Soviet space", "The Second New World Order", "Confrontation. Russia. USA "," On the sidelines of Washington "," Putin - Medvedev. What's next? "," America ... People live! "," America - the Paradise of Paradise. "

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