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Oleg Korchikov is a talented actor who declareditself during the time of the existence of the USSR. "Before dawn", "Contract with death", "Crossroads" - only some of the famous films with his participation. Also you can see Oleg Glebovich in the TV series "Waiting Room", "Men Do not Cry", "Summer of the Wolves", "Wolf Messing: Seen Through Time". What is the history of a person who, unfortunately, has already left this world?

Oleg Korchikov: the beginning of the road

Actor, whose contribution to the development of domesticcinema is difficult to underestimate, was born in Primorsky Krai. It happened in January 1939. Oleg Korchikov comes from a simple family, among his relatives there are no movie stars. Little is known about the childhood years of this talented person.

oleg korchikov movies

Oleg was a good student at school, he gave preference toexact sciences. Also, the boy seriously engaged in sports, or rather fencing with sabers. He has won many victories in city, regional and republican competitions. After graduation, the young man decided to continue his education in UPI on physical. However, his interest in the world of dramatic art prevailed over the love of exact sciences.

Education, theater

His path to fame Oleg Korchikov began withgames in amateur theatricals. First glory to him did not bring him any, only stormy spectator applause, but they helped to decide definitively the choice of profession. From the first attempt the talented young man managed to enter LGITMiK. This prestigious educational institution he graduated in 1967.

oleg korchikov movies

Oleg Glebovich searched his own theater until 1988of the year. It was then that the Maxim Gorky National Theater opened its doors to the actor. On stage, he lived rather than played, he invested his soul in each of his characters. Clearly expressed role in Korchikova never was, he equally well coped with comedic and dramatic roles.

First roles

In 1971 Oleg Korchikov first appeared on theset. He made his debut in the film "Let's take off!", He played the role of an airplane passenger. A list of other films in which the actor starred in the 1970s is given below.

oleg torturer actor

  • "Red viburnum".
  • "I follow my course."
  • "The day of reception on personal issues."
  • "The boys went to the front."
  • "72 degrees below zero."
  • "The third side of the coin".
  • "The Last Year of the Golden Eagle".
  • "In profile and full face".
  • "Forget the word" death. "
  • "Cossacks are robbers."
  • "Let's go back in the autumn."

"Pier on the other side of the river," "It was realtrumpeter "," Potter circle "," You are appointed by the granddaughter "," I have a lion "," Magic circle "," Risk strategy "," Artem "," Blue carbuncle "- telefilms, in the creation of which he took part in this period .

Movies of the 80-90s

In the 80 years Oleg Korchikov continued to work actively. Films and serials with him came out one after another:

  • "Bread, gold, revolver".
  • "School" (mini-series).
  • "Lyudmila."
  • "Mushroom rain".
  • "Do not shoot at the pass!".
  • "The Cliff".
  • "Semen Dezhnev."
  • "Yurka is the son of a commander".
  • "Lights".
  • "Ivan Babushkin" (mini-series).
  • «Bay of Happiness».
  • "Gray mouse".
  • "Special Forces" (mini-series).
  • "Defeat after the victory."
  • "Stepan Sergeevich."
  • "The sunken time."

The crisis of the 90s had an impact on the fate of manyactors. However, the hero of the article does not belong to them. All the films with Oleg Korchikov Oleg Glebovich, released in this period, it is difficult to enumerate. "The contract with death" and "Crossroads" - the most famous of them. Also, the personage embodied the image of Vova in the TV series "Waiting Room".

New Age

In the new century I managed to stay in demandactor Oleg Korchikov. Most often he got episodic roles, but the star was completely satisfied with it. Often, the secondary characters, whom he played, overshadowed the protagonists. He was incredibly good at conveying the inner experiences of his characters. The list of film and television projects in which Oleg Glebovich starred in the new century is given below.

all the films with the participation of Korchikov Oleg Glebovich

  • "Give me the moonlight."
  • "Sketch on the monitor."
  • "Law".
  • «Hotel« Execution of desires ».
  • "Men do not cry".
  • "Territory of resistance."
  • "The children of Vanyukhin."
  • "Vocation".
  • "The last armored train."
  • "Gentlemen officers: Save the Emperor."
  • "The illusion of hunting."
  • "The Summer of the Wolves."
  • "The Golden Country".
  • "Team eight."
  • "Death to Spies: Fox Fox."
  • "We swear to protect."


A talented actor who managed to play over a hundredroles in films and serials, did not become in July 2017. "Fighters: The Last Battle" - the last series in which Oleg Borisovich managed to withdraw. In this teleproject the star of the national cinema embodied the image of a peasant, as always brilliantly coped with his role, even though it was small.

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