Sandstorms in Egypt. Seasons of storms and natural cataclysm September 9, 2015

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Sandstorms in Egypt are rampant every year. This dangerous natural phenomenon can seriously spoil the impression of vacation, so you should know the frequency of its occurrence. To help you understand this issue, let's try to talk a little more about insecure seasons.

sandstorms in Egypt

A sandstorm - what is it?

Sandstorms in Egypt - the event is not unique. Such atmospheric phenomena are often observed in desert and semi-desert regions. Sometimes they occur in steppe and forest-steppe zones. In very rare cases can occur in forest areas.

It should be understood that the sand (dust) storm -It's not just sand (dust), which drives the wind at the surface of the earth. A huge amount of sand, dust or small particles of soil rises to a height of several meters, worsening visibility, making breathing difficult, covering all objects.

Wind flow, increasing strength, causes vibrationloose particles (grains of sand). Gradually from the vibration they go to the jumps and, hitting the ground, release more and more new particles, which also rise up.

sandstorm in Egypt in September

When such a natural phenomenon can be found in Egypt?

Sandstorms in Egypt rage twice a year. This happens in the spring from March to April, in the fall - in October and November. Each storm can last from two to four days. In anticipation of an unpleasant phenomenon the resort life of the country ceases. A state whose economy depends on tourism loses an important part of its income. Sometimes, if the storm is particularly strong, Egypt falls into a state of paralysis. Land and air transport stops, shops and bazaars do not work, people do not take to the streets. It's good that it happens infrequently.

sandstorm in Egypt on September 9

The strongest sandstorm

The Greatest Sandstorm in Egypt in September 2015year completely stopped the life of the country. A significant part of the Middle East and North Africa suffered a blow to the elements. Due to the low visibility on the roads there were congestions and accidents. And the airport started a real collapse. Thousands of passengers were waiting for canceled flights, not being able to leave the building. This sandstorm in Egypt (September 9, 2015), in fact, was unprecedented in its strength and duration. In some countries of the Middle East, there were human casualties.

sandstorms in Egypt

What if you are unlucky?

Sandstorms in Egypt can be for touristsa real test. If you are in the country in this period - do not hero. During a dangerous atmospheric phenomenon, you should refrain from excursions and stay at the hotel. It's not worth arguing with personnel who do not let tourists out into the streets. They do their job, realizing the dangers of their clients.

Most likely, during this period the guests are intensely entertained by animators. But if you do not like noisy fun, you can read in the room, sit in a restaurant, visit spa treatments.

It is especially important to know about the seasonality of sandstormsallergic people and asthmatics. For them, this phenomenon is a real threat. Do not give in to the persuasion of unscrupulous tour agents. Although during this period the vouchers are much cheaper, better choose another season or another country.

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