Gagarinsky district of Moscow, its history and sights

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The South-Western Autonomous District of Moscow - a long time agoPopulated and formed in relation to the infrastructure area. According to the administrative-territorial division consists of 12 districts, one of which is Gagarin.

History of the region

Gagarinsky district of Moscow is located on the territory of several villages, the oldest of them is Andreevskaya Sloboda, which was located in close proximity to the St. Andrew's Monastery.

Gagarinsky district of Moscow

In the Andreevskaya Sloboda in the early 20th century wasbuilt quay, the length of which is 338 meters along the river. In the settlement during this period, there were several streets with small stone and wooden houses. Until the mid-1970s, fragments of the buildings of the village survived, but were later demolished, and the building of the Presidium of the Russian Academy of Sciences was built on this site.

Not far from the Andreevskaya Sloboda was the estate Vasilievskoe or Mamonova Dacha. At present, the Institute of Chemical Physics is located in its place.

Gagarinsky district of Moscow in the Soviet period of history

In 1925, the General Building PlanGagarin district (Moscow) is recognized as a priority. According to this plan, the district was planned as a single massif, which crossed three main axes: Leninsky Prospect and Vernadsky Prospekt, Profsoyuznaya Street; and three highways: Lomonosovsky, University Prospects and Dmitry Ulyanov Street.

Leninsky Prospekt, whose length is 14 km, connected Vnukovo Airport with the center. The prospectus was built in stages.

In 1937 the building of the All-Union Central Council of Trade Unions (All-Union Central Council of Trade Unions) was built.

In 1960, residential buildings were built near the stationmetro station "Leninsky Prospekt", hotel "Sputnik", department store "Moscow". A large number of buildings of scientific research institutions were erected on the prospectus, for example, the Physics Institute, the Presidium building of the Russian Academy of Sciences, the Institute of Organic Chemistry, and others.

The square on Leninsky Prospekt was named after the theoretical physicist Academician IE Tamm.

A monument to cosmonaut Yuri Gagarin was erected on the Gagarin Square on Leninsky Prospekt.

Gagarinsky district of Moscow

Prospect Vernadsky began to build up from the 50-ies of the 20 century. Here were built: State Circus, Children's Musical Theater, Palace of Creativity.

Trade Union Street was named in 1958 in honor of the 40th anniversary of the trade unions.

In the 1950s, prospectuses perpendicular to the main axes - University and Lomonosov - were erected.

Most of the space in the Gagarinsky district was occupied by residential buildings.

Gagarinsky district of Moscow

Gagarin district is currently

Gagarinsky district of Moscow - one of the mostprestigious. Currently, as in the Soviet times, many high-ranking officials live here: Anatoly Chubais, Gennady Seleznev, Alexei Kudrin. In the Gagarin district on Zelinsky Street, Vladimir Putin lived and is still registered.

Gagarinsky district of the city of Moscow is divided into zones,so residential quarters are separated from research institutions. Huge areas of the area, bounded by streets Nesmeyanov, Gubkin, Vavilov and Leninsky Prospekt on the other hand, are occupied by research institutions.

Prospect Vernadsky is a place of rest forMoscow parents and children, this is a green oasis of Gagarin district. Along the Prospect there is a park with a picturesque Vorobyov Pond, here are the buildings of the Children's Palace of Creativity, in which there are a huge number of clubs, sections, circles, associations.

On Vernadsky Prospekt there is the Children's Musical Theater and the Moscow Circus.

There are 3 metro stations in the district, about 3-4 stops from the district to the center.

Area Attractions

  • St. Andrew's Monastery. The first mention of the monastery was in 1547, inchronicles of the great Moscow fire. At present the Synodal Library, a comprehensive school, operates in the monastery. Currently, it is the current Andreevsky Monastery.
  • Vorobyovy Gory is a favorite of Muscovites and gueststhe capital of the observation deck of Moscow, represent the steep bank of the river. Altitude is about 220 meters above sea level, the shore rises to 80 meters relative to the river.
  • The monument to Gagarin Yu. A. was erected in 1980, its height - 42.5 meters, at its foot there is a ship "Vostok".
  • Presidium of the Russian Academy of Sciences. From Leninsky Prospekt the building of the Presidium is clearly visible, which consists of 22 floors, the crown crowned by the "golden crown".
  • Moscow State Academic Children's Musical Theater, which was built in 1965. The first premiere was the opera "Morozko" by M. I. Krassev.
  • Moscow State Circus is one of thethe largest in the world, the height of the circus dome is 26 meters, the number of seats is 3300. Here are famous circus artists of world renown. Circus artists took part in the opening of the 2014 Olympics in Sochi.

Gagarinsky district of the city of Moscow

Administration of Gagarinsky district of Moscow

Board of Directors - It is an organ of executive power, subordinatedThe Government of Moscow, exercises control, coordination, administrative and supervisory activities in the district. The Board is authorized to conduct state supervision of individual entrepreneurs and legal entities.

Supervises the activities of the prefecture of the South-Western Administrative District of Moscow.

Address: Leninsky Prospect, 68/10.

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