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Who said that politics does not belong to a woman? The fact that this is an incorrect statement is proved by the well-known public figure, Russian politician, TV and radio presenter, writer Irina Khakamada. The biography of this successful woman will awaken the envy of many girls and even men who for years have been trying to achieve at least half of what Irina has achieved.

hakamada biography

Childhood, adolescence, youth

Irina, the future "politician of the XXI century" (according to the versionTime magazine), was born in 1955, on April 13, in the city of Moscow. The girl's father, Mutsuo Khakamada, was a Japanese communist who had to emigrate to the USSR for political reasons and to accept Soviet citizenship in 1939. In 1991 he died. Mother Irina - Nina Iosifovna Sinelnikova, worked as a teacher.

Irina Khakamada, whose biography is full of not onlypolitical and social facts, she graduated from the University of Friendship of Peoples. Patrice Lumumba (Faculty of Economics). Further, the goal-oriented girl received the degree of candidate of economic sciences at the Faculty of Economics of Moscow State University. M.V. Lomonosov. In 1983, she received the title of "Associate Professor" (specialty - "political economy").


Irina Khakamada (biography notes this) was listedas a junior research fellow at the Research Institute of the State Planning Committee of the RSFSR, worked as a senior lecturer, assistant professor, deputy head of the department at the ZIL plant (at VTUZ).

irina hakamada biography

In 1989, Hakamada decides to take upentrepreneurial activity. She led not only a cooperative and a center. So, in its business list are listed: the cooperative "Systems + Programs", Information and Analytical Center, whose director was Hakamada, the Russian Commodity Exchange. In addition, Irina was engaged in charity. The woman became the organizer of the help to bed patients in Moscow (in the Sverdlovsk region).

The political career of Hakamada begins with herelection to the State Duma of the Federal Assembly of the Russian Federation as an independent deputy from the Orekhovo-Borisov district of Moscow. Khakamada, whose biography is incredibly rich, was a member of the State Duma Committee on Economic Policy, the organizer of the group of deputies "Liberal Democratic Union" (1994), a member of the State Duma Committee on Taxes, Budget, Banks and Finance (1996).

In 1997, Irina received the post of ChairmanState Committee for the Development and Support of Small Business. Two years later, Hakamada became the head of the Business Development Institute. Her political activities are so multifaceted that it is often difficult to believe that we are a woman. Until 2000, Hakamada was the Chairman of the Central Council of the All-Russian Political NGO "Common cause", the creator of which was Irina.

hakamada biography children
In 2004, at the presidential elections inCandidacy nominated and Hakamada. Biography of a politician could change dramatically, but Irina received about 4 million votes. Until 2008 she was a member of the public movement "Russian People's Democratic Union". In March of the same year, Hakamada stated that she was stopping political activities.


Now Irina Khakamada is working on her ownbooks ("SEX in Big Politics" (2006), "LOVE, OUTSIDE THE GAME: The Story of a Political Suicide" (2007), "SUCCESS in a Big City" (2008)). She conducts author's programs on how to become successful, on radio and television, gives master classes and trainings, at one time taught at MGIMO. Based on the materials of the master classes, Hakamada published the book "Tao of Life" (2010).

A family

Those who are interested in Irina Khakamada (biography,children and the personal life of a successful woman), probably know that she was married four times. At the moment her husband is Vladimir Sirotinsky - manager and financial consultant. Irina - the mother of two children - the son of Danila and daughter of Mary.

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