Municipal districts of Moscow, districts and self-government

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Municipal districts of Moscow are a compositepart of the districts. The latter were created after the 1991 reform to facilitate coordination and bring local governments closer to the population. The counties are governed by prefectures. Today, Moscow is divided into 12 districts and 125 districts. Let's consider some of them.

municipal districts of moscow

North-West District

It occupies 11% of the total area of ​​the capital. It is about 107 square kilometers. The North-West District is considered the most favorable for living from the point of view of ecology. It includes such municipal districts of Moscow as Shchukino, Khoroshevo-Mnevniki, Strogino, Northern and Southern Tushino, Pokrovskoe-Streshnevo, Mitino, Kurkino. The population of the district is about 990 thousand. The most populated area is Mitino.


It includes such municipal areas of the cityMoscow, such as Yasenevo, Cheryomushki, Southern and Northern Butovo, Teply Stan, Obruchevsky, Lomonosovsky, Kotlovka, Konkovo, Zyuzino, Gagarinsky and Academic. The South-West District occupies 10.3% of the territory of the capital. There are "light capitals" in it. This is the name for the extensive green massifs that provide Muscovites with clean and fresh air.

municipal administration of Moscow districts


It is bounded by the Moscow River, the ring freewayand Prospects Leninsky and Vernadsky. The district occupies 14% of the capital's area. Its population exceeds one million people. The Western District includes such areas as Filevsky Park, Kuntsevo, Vnukovo, Solntsevo, Novoperedelkino and others.


This district occupies about 6% of the territory of Moscow. It has 650 thousand people. Its feature is the high population density. Here there are many administrative, public, commercial, cultural and other institutions. The Central District has many attractions, including the Kremlin.


This is one of the largest regions. Its area is 113.3 square kilometers. It stretches from the Moscow ring road to the Belorussky railway station. The northern district is quite densely populated. It is home to 880 thousand people. The northern district includes 16 districts.

municipal districts of the city of Moscow


This district occupies 9.4% of the territory of the capital. It houses many buildings of city-wide significance. Among them there is the Botanical Garden, Ostankino Television Center. The population of the Northeastern District is more than one million people. It includes 17 municipal districts.


It occupies 11% of the entire territory of the page. The district extends beyond the Moscow Ring Road. It is home to more than one million people. The South-Eastern District is divided into 12 districts. Among them are Yuzhnoportovy, Tekstilschiki, Lefortovo, Nekrasovka, Kuzminki.

Nuances municipal: management of areas of Moscow

Uniqueness of the capital of the Russian Federationis expressed not only in its political and economic significance for the whole country, but also in the system of local government bodies. Before the collapse of the USSR, Moscow was divided into 33 districts. One of them is the city of Zelenograd. Moreover, the municipal districts of Moscow were relatively independent in ensuring the socio-economic development of their territory. However, this state of affairs gave rise to a number of problems related to the control and accessibility of power. In 1991, self-government reform was carried out. There were formed 10 districts. The municipal districts of Moscow became a part of them. The total number of the latter was 125. This allowed to bring the authorities closer to the population. In the administrative districts, prefectures were established. The executive body of the districts was the government. Thus, a three-level system of power was formed in Moscow.

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