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Evgeny Kuyvashev is a statesman of the Russian Federation,Governor of the Sverdlovsk region. Was the plenipotentiary of the President of Russia (D. Medvedev) in the Urals Federal District (2011-2012). Has several higher educations.

Childhood and youth

Kuyvashev Eugene Vladimirovich was born inthe settlement of Lugovskaya of the Khanty-Mansiysk Autonomous Okrug (KhMAO), on March 16, 1971. After graduating from school, I went to work at the Surgutremstroy trust. Then he served in the army, then entered the Tobolsk medical school. He graduated from it and received the specialty "dentist-orthodontist" in the ninety-third year.

Start of work

After some time I decided to move toNefteyugansk district of the Khanty-Mansiysk Autonomous District, where he settled in the town of Poikovsky. Since 1997 he started working in the local administration. Evgeny Kuyvashev was an assistant to the head of his village. Then he grew up to Assistant Deputy Head of Nefteyugansk District Administration E. Khudainatov.

evgeny kuivashev

Head of the village

In 1999, Eugene received a diploma from the MoscowMilitary Institute of the Federal Border Service of the Russian Federation, specialty "jurisprudence". In 2000 he headed the administration of the village Poikovsky. The predecessor Kuyvashev Khudainatov actively invested money in the improvement and construction of this settlement. As the local press expressed, Poikovsky became another capital of the district, such as St. Petersburg for the Russian Federation.

Governor of Khanty-Mansiysk Autonomous District A. Filipenko praised Kuyvashev's successes as head of the administration of the village. Eugene did not stop there and continued to improve his settlement. Since 2000 Poikovsky has been recognized three times as the most comfortable settlement with a population of more than twenty-five thousand people. In 2004, he was awarded the title "the most comfortable village of the Russian Federation".

Evgeny Kuyvashev, whose photo can be viewedin this article, combined leadership activities with teaching theory of state and law in the local branch of TSU (Tyumen State University). In 2002, he acquired a diploma from the Yale University of the United States of America, specializing in management. Since 2003, the press began to refer to him as an activist of the party "United Russia".

kuivashev evgeny vladimirovich

Moving to the capital

In the beginning of 2005 Evgeny Kuyvashev, whose biography is closely connected with politics, left his post in the village administration. In the press it was mentioned that he would head one of the bailiffs' departments. Eugene moved to Moscow, where he was appointed Deputy Chief of the Main Directorate of the FSUP. This administration was then directed by A. Komarov, who in the early 2000s served as deputy chief bailiff of the Khanty-Mansiysk Autonomous Okrug.


Kuyvashev Eugene Vladimirovich did not stay long in theMoscow, and in the same 2005 left the Russian capital. It was reported in the press that in November 2005, a new method of urban management was introduced in Tobolsk. E. Vorobiev, the then mayor of the city, became the head of the municipal formation and the chairman of the local Duma, and the administrative powers were to go to the city manager, who was contracted for 5 years.

governor eugeny kuivashev

The party "United Russia" and recommended Eugene onthis post. It was noted in the media that he was invited to head Tobolsk back in those days when S. Sobyanin was governor of the Tyumen region. On November 14, 2005, the latter was appointed the head of the administration of V. Putin.

November 30, 2005 Thought Tobolsk approved the candidacy of an official for the post of head of the city. In the new place, he continued to work on improvement, solved problems of housing and communal services and attracted investors. It was noted in the media that he was able to organize around him an excellent team that worked successfully after Kuyvashev left his post.


Fifth of July 2007 Evgeny Kuyvashev was elected Mayor of Tyumen. He replaced S. Smetanyuk, who took the post of Deputy Governor of the Tyumen region V. Yakushev. In the press it was mentioned that thanks to Kuyvashev, Tyumen was included in the energy-saving promotion program "Energy Saving Quarter". It was noted that the embankment of Tyumen was built with him.

Another of his initiatives was called installationdoors and walls of glass in the offices of officials of the city administration. According to the idea, this should help reduce corruption in the bureaucratic ranks. But Kuyvashev's move was more populist, because only the offices of ordinary employees were made glass, not the directors of the departments and deputy heads of the mayoralty.

governor of the Sverdlovsk region evgeny Kuivashev

Retraining and new posts

In 2010 Evgeny was retrained in TSU under a program called "State and Municipal Administration". On January 29, 2011, he was appointed deputy to N. Vinnichenko, who was the presidential envoy to the Ural Federal District. At this post, Kuyvashev succeeded A. Beletsky.

In the press it was written that Eugene would be engaged ineconomic issues that were previously supervised by S. Sobyanin, who at that time held the post of deputy plenipotentiary representative of P. Latyshev. It was noted that the latter developed a development program that called for the involvement of all Ural actors in the overall system of economic relations. He did not have time to realize it, since he was only six months in his post.

The mass media assumed thatEvgeny Kuyvashev will continue the Sobyanin case. But in April 2011, reports began to appear that some problems arose with the financing of the project. And the Ministry of Finance did not allocate funds from the country's budget for expensive projects.

evgeny Kuivashev biography

In the summer of 2011 Some people from Tyumen, whose names are not specified, filed an application with the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation on the excess of Kuyvashev's official powers. It's about the time when, as a city manager, Yevgeny Vladimirovich decided to postpone the construction of an underground pedestrian crossing. The regional department of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation did not initiate criminal proceedings.

The same summer the official was appointed as an investmentauthorized by D. Medvedev for the Urals Federal District. His responsibilities were to assist entrepreneurs in the implementation of investment projects.


14 September 2011 Kuyvashev was included in the Security Council of the Russian Federation. And on May 14 of the following year he was dismissed from his post by the plenipotentiary in the UFD and appointed acting deputy. governor of the Sverdlovsk region. On May 29, 2012, he was officially confirmed as governor. The majority of deputies of the Legislative Assembly supported him.

kuivashev evgeny vladimirovich governor

Legislative initiatives

In August 2012 Governor of the Sverdlovsk Region Evgeny Kuyvashev put forward an initiative on licensing the activities of organizations that are engaged in the rehabilitation of drug addicts. He argued that this licensing is important for the safety of citizens. On his instructions in the Sverdlovsk region, the state center "Ural without drugs" was established. The press mentioned that the logo of this center was very similar to the logo of the public organization "City without drugs", headed by E. Roizman.


In the media appearedunconfirmed data that Kuyvashev is connected with businessmen A.Bikov and A.Bobrov who were suspected of money laundering. They were called his sponsors. The governor himself denies everything.

Famous journalist A. Panova, the former chief executive of the Ural agency, who was accused of a number of criminal cases, claims that Kuyvashev ordered it. There is no official confirmation of this.

Personal life

Kuyvashev, Evgeny Vladimirovich, whose wifeis known in our country as a successful business lady, is happy in marriage, has a daughter and son. His wife Natalia is co-owner of a wine boutique called "Three Glasses", located in the historical center of Tyumen. To own a store of elite alcohol is Natalia's dream, which she was able to implement. In addition, she has assets in several other business areas, in particular, she owns several cafes.

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Kuyvashev today

Governor Yevgeny Kuyvashev in May 2016. reported to the Legislative Assembly of the Sverdlovsk region on the results of 2015 and outlined plans and possible prospects. According to his report, since its inauguration and until 2015, 8 million square meters have been put into operation. m of housing. Almost 1.5 times increased the level of salaries and production volumes. He notes that the economy of the region during this time was able to receive 1.5 trillion rubles of investment.

Income of the Governor

Evgeny Vladimirovich Kuyvashev - Governor,having a class rank. On May 5, 2011 he was awarded the rank of the State Councilor of the Russian Federation, second class. And already on November 30, 2011, he becomes the Real State Councilor of the Russian Federation of the first class.

In 2011, Kuyvashev's income (at that time he worked as President's Plenipotentiary) was 3.7 million rubles. The income of his wife Natalia is 3.1 million.

After Kuyvashev became governor of the Sverdlovsk region, he bought an elite apartment in the center of Yekaterinburg worth about sixteen million rubles.

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