Nudist beaches of Ukraine: top best

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In the West for a long time have got used to presence of nudistbeaches. In this issue, Ukraine decided to approach the European Union: nudists formed their own movement and "won" for themselves pieces of coastal areas. One of the largest communities in the country is located in Odessa. Here there are nudist beaches of Ukraine, on which not only locals rest. It is worth considering the most popular of them. It is very important that the society of nudists not only opened beaches for lovers of "nature", but also carefully monitors the order and cleanliness.

nudist beaches of ukraine

Chkalovsky beach

The most "natural" beach is practicallyin the center of Odessa, to reach it is not at all difficult. The railway station is required to take the fifth tram and get to the stop "Sanatorium im. VP Chkalov », which is located on the French Boulevard. We must go down through the park, bypass the beach of the sanatorium and continue the path to the path leading to the sea. To guess about what a spectacle awaits you, you can and by gawk, watching from above. Nudist beaches in Ukraine are not too large. For example, this does not exceed 30 meters. Covering the beach - a large and not too smooth pebbles. For those who do not like it, in the middle of the "oasis of naturalness" is a sandy hearth. Even on weekdays here rest hundreds of people, whereas in good weather on weekends you can count and more than a thousand. In short, if you like to sunbathe in the form in which they were born, this beach can not help but like it. It is worth recalling that on weekends there is not much room here.

On the beach there is a bar, where water, beer, tobacco products are sold. At the weekend, you can buy excellent and inexpensive pilaf.

Every season, various festivals are organized here, with body paint, dances, and music.


This beach is not recognized by official authorities, herefers to a variety of "wild". He has both pluses and minuses. There are very few places on it, almost no sand. In addition, many are annoyed dressed vacationers. Look pretty funny looking girls, trying to change clothes, hiding so that no one saw the "extra". The funny thing is that there are naked people around them. True, there are not so many nudists here. The advantages of the beach in its atmosphere. It also depends on the fact that there are practically all "their own" - visitors simply do not know about it.

nudist beaches of the Black Sea coast of ukraine

Yuzhny beach

On the Black Sea coast you can find"Wild" nudist beaches of Ukraine. With a tent and a car, it will make an ideal holiday. Despite the fact that it is located near the city, it is quite a closed and crowded place. This beach has some organization: it has boulders on which you can put things or sit down yourself. The stones are arranged in a semicircle, which in some way replaces the screen. Curious will not be able to observe the holidaymakers. There is a suggestion that the residents equipped this beach, who wished to hide from their acquaintances. The beach is covered with sand and pebbles, very clean.

Jarylgach Island

Nudist beaches of Ukraine can be found not only inOdessa, but also in other regions of the country. For example, in the Kherson region there is a large and clean stretch of shore, on which there are practically no people. He is distant from the city, which allows him to attract naturists who are trying to distance themselves from the city's bustle, resting by the sea. A clean shore, covered with sand, beckons to lie on it.

nudist beaches of ukraine with a tent and a car

Dzendzik Island

The best nudist beaches in Ukraine are notonly near civilization: in Zaporozhye it is not difficult to find yourself in one of such cozy places. Surround the coastal zone of the reeds and the reserve, which hide the vacationers from the eyes of the curious. The beach itself is calm and clean, so it's no surprise that the nudists gather here from the far corners of the country. Cleanliness is maintained due to the organization of holidaymakers. This is a very democratic beach: it is not only the naturists who feel great here, but also ordinary sunbathers and lovers of topless. The sand on this site is white.

Kosa in Mykolayiv

In the Mykolayiv region nudist beachesBlack Sea coast of Ukraine are represented by a site that offers residents the management of the residential neighborhood Namyv. This place is a favorite place of rest for the townspeople. There is a small site for nudists, not too far from traditional bathers. On the beach you can bare completely, but there are those who prefer to show the sun only the upper part. If you want a snack - you have to dress and go to the next - public - the beach, which is located cafes and bars.

the best nude beaches of ukraine

Monastery Island

Nudist beaches of Ukraine are also in Dnepropetrovsk. For example, the "wild" beach on the Monastery Island. Although this beach is regularly closed, it appears again, because he managed to get very fond of the region's nudists. It is located at the end of the island, just outside the official beach for everyone. Those who want to relax without clothes, it is worth to come to this place in the morning, because in the evening there is accumulated a lot of young people.

In addition to those described, in Ukraine there are many places for nudists. Among such a variety, you can choose the option that will completely satisfy your requests. Have a good rest!

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