Public baths of Yekaterinburg, or A good way to relax

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If before the public baths weresoiled "rough" steam rooms, now this place includes all kinds of health-improving complexes (sauna, swimming pool, massage room, mud procedures, cosmetology). Baths have become for us a place where you can get together with friends and family, have a great time and relax. Public baths of Yekaterinburg are distinguished by democratic prices, convenient location in the city and courteous staff.

public baths in Yekaterinburg

Relax with comfort

Sverdlovskiy "Comfort" (st. Dolores Ibarruri, 6) is an inexpensive bath complex, which differs not only in high-quality repairs, but also in a good atmosphere. The complex consists of the main steam rooms for men and women, as well as baths, swimming pools and saunas. In "Comfort" there are experienced bath attendants and professional masseurs. In breaks, you can sit in a recreation area, drink refreshing drinks, order food and watch satellite TV. Public baths of Ekaterinburg of this type are considered one of the largest, decent and inexpensive. Here all hygienic and ethical norms are observed, which allows bringing with them not only friends and relatives, but also small children. The average cost per person is 130 rubles, up to 3 years - free of charge. Working hours: from 8:00 to 22:00 (Wednesday-Sunday). Pensioners and beneficiaries are given discounts.

Public baths in Yekaterinburg, addresses

City steam rooms with taste

Public baths of Ekaterinburg (address: st. Pervomaiskaya, house 71 and st. Kuibyshev, house 42) - steam rooms, considered one of the oldest and most popular in the city. The establishments are made in the traditions of "white" Russian baths, where experienced bath attendants work, and clients relax using birch and oak brooms. There is everything you need for relaxation: comfortable sofas and armchairs, massage room, swimming pool, sauna, billiard table, kitchen and bar. Public baths of Ekaterinburg correspond to all hygienic and sanitary norms. Like all city steam rooms, institutions operate from Wednesday to Sunday (from 9:00 to 23:00). The average cost per person is 120 rubles. Sauna - from 500 rubles per hour.

The best places

"Fun" and "Little Mermaid" - public baths(Ekaterinburg), the mode of operation of which is round the clock. Addresses: st. Lenin, house 99 and st. Maikop, house 22. These city steam rooms are slightly more expensive than on May Day. All because a year ago there was a good repair. All Soviet premises were replaced with new, more expensive ones. "Fun" and "Little Mermaid" offer a swimming pool, separate sauna, karaoke, bar and restaurant. The 24-hour public baths in Yekaterinburg allow you to book individual steam rooms for various events.

public baths in Yekaterinburg

The administration allows to decorate the premises,order different drinks and dishes. 24-hour steam rooms are ideal for weddings, birthdays and corporate parties. The corporate price is 1100 rubles per hour, for one person - 140 rubles. Children up to 3 years old are free of charge. Reservation is carried out by phone or at the reception.

Public baths are a great place for those who do not know where to spend their leisure time interestingly and inexpensively.

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