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Before giving examples of family traditions,let's still try to define the very concept. What really are these little cultural customs, rules and laws of the modern world?

Section 1. Examples of family traditions. We give a general definition of the concept

examples of family traditions
On this question to find a clear and correctThe answer is not as simple as it might seem at first glance. Why? The thing is that, as it turned out, many people understand this phrase differently.

Refer to the explanatory dictionaries. Most of them state that family-friendly behaviors, norms, attitudes and customs that are passed from one generation to another are called traditions. They may vary depending on the place of residence, attitudes and attitudes. Some of them we gladly accept and are ready to learn, others, in turn, cause bewilderment or even fear.

Section 2. Examples of family traditions. Slavic countries

Try to close your eyes and mentallyanalyze the words “family traditions”. What associations arise in memory? In most cases, these are, as a rule, situations and moments from childhood related to parents and children, grandparents, something warm and dear. Meetings at the holiday table, joint trips to the sea in the summer or in the woods for the weekend, tea drinking in a close circle of relatives, favorite dishes, smells and sensations.

According to psychologists, families without traditionsit happens. Just recently I asked about them from my friend. In response, she heard: “Yes, what are the customs there? I didn’t really have a childhood, either gardens or seams. ” But even now they are going to plant the whole family for planting, weeding or picking potatoes, while the entire female half is engaged in canning vegetables and fruits. So, the traditions of family education on the face.

family traditions
In the Slavic countries taken noisy and funcelebrate holidays. Feasts are organized in honor of birthdays, anniversaries, and personal achievements of household members, such as the first step of a child, a successful school, admission to school, or promotion.

Before going to bed, relatives usually wish to have a good night, and the older children tell fairy tales or sing lullabies.

Section 3. Examples of family traditions. Fun facts

Of course, all of us, if we think about it, remembermany such examples, which had not previously been thought of as some kindred customs. The topic “Family traditions” is very extensive, and you can talk about it endlessly. However, let us focus on something strange or unusual in the understanding of a simple Russian person.

family education traditions
I will give just a few of the most interesting, in my opinion, examples:

  1. If during your stay in Denmark you notice flags displayed in the windows, know that someone inside is celebrating a birthday.
  2. One of the Indian nations can boasttradition called "Marry for three days." According to this custom, the girl enters into a short-term marriage for just a few days. After the specified term, the husband leaves her home forever, and she continues to live for her own pleasure, planting the desired number of lovers and actively accepting gifts and attention from other men.
  3. In Korea, it is customary to chomp at the table, but only if you really like the food.
  4. In Ireland, the New Year never closes the doors of either houses or apartments. Anyone can easily drop in, and he will be accepted there as a native one and, having sat at the table, will be treated to a festive dinner.
  5. Representatives of the Bahutu tribe believe that onlythe fight brings the newlyweds for real. After the wedding, about any wedding night and there can be no talk: the wife goes to her husband's house and pounds him with everything that comes to hand. This happens for a full five days.
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