Moscow City Property Department: main functions

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Moscow City Property Departmentis part of the Set of property and land relations, as well as economic policy, overseen by Natalia Alekseevna Sergunina, deputy mayor. The work of the organization is regulated by the Government Decree No. 99-PP, which was prepared in 2013, on February 20.


property department of Moscow
The property department of Moscow is a functionalAn executive body that performs many important functions. The organization is engaged in the development and implementation of state policy in the field of management and management of the city's property. The latter includes living quarters and land plots. The organization is privatizing the city's property. This structure is vested with the powers of the owner. They refer to the lands, as well as to the property of the city. The functions include the use of such resources, as well as their protection and accounting. The Moscow City Department of City Property also deals with the seizure of plots or other facilities. The organization conducts a state policy in the land sector. The institution provides services aimed at realizing the rights of legal entities and individuals.

History of organization

City Property Department of Moscow
The Moscow City Property Department was createdas a measure to improve the work of government bodies. It began its work in 2013. To create this organization, the Departments of Property and Land Resources were reorganized.

Housing relations

Moscow City Property Department
Moscow City Property Department participatesin the privatization of living quarters. Through the services of employees of this organization, citizens are transferred to the capital's balance of the capital. The Moscow Department of Property transfers premises from one status to another. The organization provides housing for rent, realizes the purchase and sale of real estate, which may include installment payment. The scope of the organization also includes mortgage lending. The department provides a subsidy for the construction or purchase of residential premises. The organization is engaged in the allocation of real estate to citizens who suffer from diseases of the musculoskeletal system. This body allows you to conclude a contract for social hiring for housing. It is also possible to sign additional agreements and make changes. The organization takes into account citizens who need living quarters. The real estate in this case can be transferred on the basis of the contract of social hiring or for gratuitous use. The department takes citizens who need assistance from the authorities in purchasing housing on the basis of urban programs.


Department of Urban Property of Moscow
The organization issues copies of title documentsdocuments. The Moscow Department of Property allows you to agree on a land boundary plan for a certain land plot. The organization agrees to carry out transactions that relate to the right of lease. The Moscow City Property Department provides land plots in the property. The organization can terminate the right of perpetual use of real estate in the presence of the owner's refusal. In addition, the provision of a site in permanent possession is also carried out by this department. By the forces of the organization, real estate can be transferred for free to legal entities or citizens. The institution issues an additional agreement on making adjustments to the lease of the land plot. In the Department you can get an order to lift the ban on further construction. The organization provides for the lease of land plots to rights holders of buildings and buildings located on this territory. Amendments to various treaties are also implemented by this structure. In particular, we are talking about the papers that confirm the lease of the land. The Department issues a contract for the placement of facilities for improvement. The organization is engaged in the redistribution of lands that are in municipal, state and private ownership. The Department carries out preliminary approval of the site assignment.

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