Fish of the Lucians: description, features

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If you want to know what kind of fish is the lucian, ourthe article will help to find answers to all questions. Consider the features of the family, the habitat range and commercial importance of these fish, use in cooking and some other interesting facts. And illustrations will help to get the most complete picture of the snapper.

fish lucians


The family of Lucian belongs to the detachmentpercipient class of radiant fishes. It includes several genera. Our article is devoted to the genus of Lucians, numbering several dozen species. These fish are sometimes called lutyans, lucians or snappers.


The fish of lucians is pelagic. It lives in the warm tropical and subtropical waters of the Pacific, Atlantic and Indian oceans.

All species of snapper are predators, while many also have large sizes. In the natural habitat, they do not lack food, and they have few natural enemies.

External Features

Fish lucians, the photo of which you see on the nextillustration, has a relatively large head and developed mouth. The mouthpiece of most species is intended for hunting in the water column. Raising food from the bottom of the fish can also, but superficial nutrition is beyond its power.

fish lucian photo

For many representatives of the genus, a large size is characteristic. For example, a gray Lucian can reach one meter in length. But some species are small, not larger than the palm of your hand.

Fishing value

Red Lucian - the fish most interestingfishing companies. Its meat is considered a delicacy. Hunting for this schooling fish, trawl vessels lead in deep-water reservoirs with a rocky-stony bottom. One individual can weigh up to 20 kg by weight, but smaller ones, 30-40 cm, fall into the net. On the shelves of Russian shops, you can find exactly such a red snapper (sometimes called a sea perch).

red lucian fish

Large fishing importance is also found in gray lucians, which have approximately the same dimensions.

Culinary value

Fish lucians are appreciated by professional chefs forexcellent expressive taste, delicate texture, pleasant light shade of meat and a relatively small number of bones. Scales of fish are medium in size, but can be removed easily.

Some people consider dishes from this fish to be national and offer them to tourists in local restaurants.

Since the body of the fish is flattened laterally, manycooks prefer not to cut off the fillets from the carcass, but to bake whole. A large triangular head with a powerful jaw and large eyes looks rather decorative, so it is often not cut off from the carcass. But on sale you can find and fillet, which is cut from the largest representatives of the species.

fish lucians

Dangerous toxin

Fish lucians, in whose meat is present tsigatatoksin, can cause severe poisoning.

In representatives of the same species, this toxin may or may not be present. To establish its presence can only be done with the help of sanitary research.

Some species of snapper are completely unsuitable for food. But they are of interest as an object of sport fishing. Under the terms of this sport, all the catch after the end of the competition is released back into the water. On the shelves of shops, he does not fall. But poaching can lead to the appearance of a dangerous product in the display case. Therefore, it is worthwhile to trust only shops with an impeccable reputation that conduct the necessary analyzes of the goods and have the appropriate certificates. Do not hesitate before buying to ask about the documents. Pay attention to the appearance: the scales of high-quality fish have a metallic luster, the belly is lighter than the back, the tail and fins are whole, and the eyes are clear, without turbidity.

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