Scolopendra home - a poisonous friend of the family

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Scolopendra home is not a separate species. So affectionately called settled in the human habitation representatives of arthropods scolopendrovyh family. However, the appearance of this invertebrate can cause a person who saw him for the first time, only a feeling of disgust, disgust and fear.

Scolopendra home
Imagine: a centipede of up to twenty-six centimeters (a giant scolopendra), all covered with antennae, bristles, hairs, poisonous, and moreover has so-called "jaws", which tear food, sending it to the mouth.

As for the virulence of scolopendra, variousgossip. Some believe that talking about their deadly for human virility does not correspond to reality, others - that the bite of scolopenders of some species is still fatal to humans. But, anyway, these arthropods often live in a person's home (especially in the tropics and in the southern part of the temperate zone), and the clever boss never expels them from home, preferring to tolerate some inconvenience due to their presence ... Why?

The answer to this question is simple. Scolopendra domestic, being a predator, deftly hunts for various livestock. No, the mouse is too tough for her, but the numerous invertebrate enemies of the person are very much even in the teeth (and to taste).

Scolopendra in the house
In the diet skolopendra includes cockroaches, bedbugs,Spiders, fleas, moths and other inhabitants of his home, no less unpleasant to man. Settled in the house, skolopendra digs underground underground passages, which are also her home. With a man skolopendra do not conflict, human food is indifferent and bite can only in the order of self-defense. And not always they can bite the human skin. And even if this happens, the pain will be, as from a bee sting, no more.

In Russia, the distribution area of ​​scolopendra -North Caucasus, Rostov, Volgograd, Astrakhan and Orenburg regions. North they do not meet. Domestic skolopendra in southern Russia is rarely longer than six or eight centimeters.

If the scolopendra, while defending, bit a person (onpeople they do not attack - there is no need), then at the site of the bite a swelling is formed, which in most cases passes through a couple of hours. If the scolopendra is large, the pain sensations (gradually fading) can last up to a day and a half. After which they completely disappear. More bothers no bite scolopendra (our, Russian) will not deliver.

Scolopendra bite
There is one documentedA case when a seven-year-old boy died from the bite of a giant tropical scolopendra. But it was not in Russia, but in the Philippine jungle. And even then, get medical help on time, a lethal outcome would be avoided. But the domestic scolopendra, which is found in the territory of Russia, does not pose a threat to a person. On the contrary, these very useful arthropods can greatly facilitate a person's life. It's only a pity that many owners of private houses do not understand this and destroy them. Well, it's not their fault that they were born such ... unpleasant (from the human point of view). In a word, a skolopendra in the house - to prosperity. Is not it a new sign?

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