Climate of Uzbekistan: description of weather conditions by month

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Lack of direct access to the sea representsThe climate of Uzbekistan is hot and dry. Moderate weather prevails in the northern part of the country, but in the south the climate is mostly subtropical. This is a very sunny country, for 250 days the sun is shining and warming here. The abundance of solar heat allows you to grow here such a fastidious plant as cotton.

What is the climate in Uzbekistan?

For a whole year in this countryhot and dry climate. Light day lasts 15 hours in the summer and 9 hours in the winter. Weather conditions in Uzbekistan are similar to the state of California, which is located in the United States near the border with Mexico. But still in Uzbekistan it is cold in winter and hot in summer. For this country, January is the coldest month of the year, and July is the most sultry. Heavy snowfall is not about Uzbekistan.

Uzbekistan: climate by months

Uzbekistan is a sunny republic, the climate is sharpcontinental. It is expressed in unexpected amplitudes of night and daytime, summer and winter temperatures. Nature itself is very arid, precipitation is negligible, the humidity of the air is incredibly low. These readings characterize the country as very dry and hot, it lasts almost all year round. To better understand its weather conditions, we invite you to find out the climate of Uzbekistan, briefly described for each month. This will allow you to see the whole picture as a whole, which is present in this amazing and hospitable country.

climate of Uzbekistan


The height of the local winter, which in February will be replaced by a truly warm spring weather. The lowest temperature at this time does not fall below -3aboutC, so it is not necessary to recruit very warm things. In addition, rainfall is minimal, so your pastime in this country will be more than comfortable.


The month will delight the coming of spring. Despite the fact that the spring holidays are still far away, tulips are already blooming here, and the end of February will please with a temperature of +2aboutC at night, and the day is even warmer. Snowfall, as a rule, is not foreseen, but even if it falls, it will quickly change to rain. The amount of precipitation has decreased due to the fact that the Aral Sea is gradually drying up.


Would you like to enjoy Women's Day in Uzbekistan? Do not even hesitate, the weather at this time is comfortable and sunny. The average temperature is +9aboutS. Many people think that the best time to visit this country is spring. But it is better not to hurry, but wait until April and personally enjoy the spring beauty.

What is the climate in Uzbekistan?


Perhaps the most convenient time to visit this interesting country. It will last another two months before the unbearable heat begins. Atmospheric temperature on average + 16aboutC and can rise to +20aboutC. So that visitors can safely go to inspect the historically significant places - Samarkand, Tashkent or Bukhara. And also a very small chance of rain.


The first days of May may please lightcool, but at the end of the month is already unbearable heat. Summer is here, except that it is scorching, also dry, long. May is a rather favorable month for trips to this country, the average temperature is + 21-25aboutS. But nevertheless, it is better to plan the visit for the beginning of the month, since at the end of May sandstorms can pass.


The beginning of a hot summer in Uzbekistan. Temperature on average + 28-30aboutC, and in the deserts it can reach up to +37aboutS. It is noteworthy that there is practically no rain at this time, as in the next 2-3 months. The concentration of sandstorms, so the visit is better to postpone until autumn.

Uzbekistan's climate is brief


The peak of the sultry and dry Uzbek summer. The temperature goes beyond +30aboutC, and in mountainous areas it can increase to +39aboutC. In desert areas the temperature exceeds +40aboutS. To those who are very ill with the heat, we advise you to refrain from visiting this country in the summer.


Calendar summer ends this month, butthe temperature is still high. By the end of the month the temperature can go down only a couple of degrees, and the rest, as in July. There is practically no rainy and cloudy weather here, the hot sun is constantly in the sky. And to come on excursions at this time in Uzbekistan is extremely not recommended.


The first half of September is still a full summer, the temperature holds up to + 28- + 29aboutC, there is a little more precipitation than in August, but still very little. In the second half of September, you can feel that the heat is declining and the number of sandstorms decreases.


This time is the most favorable and comfortable for visiting Uzbekistan. The heat is already gradually subsiding, cool air comes in, and the temperature does not exceed +25aboutC. The ideal time to explore the ancient city of Khiva. And also Samarkand deserves much attention, this city is not inferior to Rome in antiquity.

Uzbekistan climate by months


This month pleases visitors with comfortable, not hot weather to learn the ancient culture of Uzbekistan. The temperature here is about +8aboutC, below does not fall. However, the weather is a bit changeable, a sunny day can abruptly be replaced by a short rain. The mountains are already quite cold, and in the valleys they continue to harvest.


Winters in this country are very cold, especially central and mountainous. Atmospheric fluctuations can be harsh, the day is sunny and warm, and at night the frost. In December, temperatures range from + 3 to -3aboutC. A significant number of tourists come in the winter time in order to enjoy skiing or hike around the area during this period.

Despite different weather conditions, Uzbekistan -welcoming and friendly country. In it you can have a great time in summer and spring, and in autumn and winter. The main thing is to remember: in the cold season it is necessary to put on warmer clothes, and not to overheat in the warm one.

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