Interesting traditions of the Ukrainian people for children: a list, features and history

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Traditions of the Ukrainian people are rich and diverse.They are always filled with interesting customs that have gone through the ages. It is noteworthy that the Ukrainian youth adopts these traditions, in which their spiritual connection with their ancestors is seen. In most of the customs, one can see the intertwining of pagan and Christian beliefs.


traditions of the Ukrainian people

Many traditions of the Ukrainian people are associated withreligious beliefs and celebrations. During the Christmas season in Ukraine, the custom of caroling is common. These days children go from house to house. They wish all masters of peace and prosperity, sing Christmas songs, and scatter barley and wheat on the floor, as symbols of happiness and well-being.

These are very pleasant traditions of the Ukrainian peoplefor children, because the owners in return should generously treat them with sweets, sweets and even give coins. It is believed that if this is not done, then there will be no luck in the house.

Christmas Eve

interesting traditions of the Ukrainian people

Other traditions of the Ukrainian people are connected witha festive table on Christmas Eve. This is the Holy evening, which is celebrated on the eve of Christmas. On this day the festive feast should necessarily consist of 12 fasting dishes. That is, exactly correspond to the number of apostles who are considered the main disciples and helpers of Jesus Christ.

Therefore, according to the traditions and customs of the Ukrainian peopleput freshly baked bread on the table, dumplings, kutya, and uzvar. In the vareniki, the owners hide small coins. It is believed that the one who will find such a gift, the whole coming year will be very successful. For children to look for the treasured coin in vareniki is akin to a sense of wonder and unusual surprise. Interesting traditions of the Ukrainian people for the 2nd class are fascinating material on which one can discuss the features of the ancestors' life.

And that is not all.One can recall the diduha, the national symbol of the harvest, which is carefully preserved from the time of haymaking until Christmas. Among the interesting traditions of the Ukrainian people, it is necessary to note the custom of giving him an honorable place on Christmas days. Diduh is like a human figure, into which stalks of various cereal crops, for example, rye, oats, wheat, and fragrant hay are inserted. During the feast the participants of the festival sing Christmas songs, remember how the year passed, discuss how to make the next one more successful.


traditions of the Ukrainian people for children

On the eve of the Great Lent in the tradition of the Ukrainian people to celebrate Shrovetide. This is a pagan custom, which even Orthodox families today celebrate. The church is also favorable to him.

The essence of this holiday is in the wires of winterand a solemn meeting of spring. Therefore, Maslenitsa week is especially bright festivities, because it follows the most severe in Christianity post. Before the seven weeks of strict food restrictions, people try to eat enough. Every day, it is customary to cook pancakes, to visit friends and relatives.

Specially adapted many traditionsUkrainian people for children. For example, this applies to pancakes. They are an indispensable attribute of Maslenitsa, which kids like very much, because pancakes are cooked with sweet, and with jam, and with fillings. In short, for every taste. Pancake symbolizes the sun, which so missed people during the long winter. It carries warmth and spring mood, which is so lacking.

As you have already noticed, the traditions of the Ukrainian people in scientific style are similar to Russian and Belarusian. If we talk about Pancake week, the main custom these days is cooking dumplings with cottage cheese.

At the end of the Shrovetide week,go on a mass celebration. In addition, then it is celebrated Forgiveness Sunday. On this day it is customary to put up with all, ask forgiveness from relatives, friends and even strangers.


traditions and customs of the Ukrainian people

The main Orthodox holiday, Easter, is surely celebrated in Ukraine. Celebrations take place on a spring day, when you can rejoice with the peace of mind of the coming summer.

Among the interesting traditions of the Ukrainian people isand such: not to sleep on the night of Easter. All Orthodox believers instead go to the all-night service in the church. With them, according to custom, they take beautiful baskets, in which the best dishes are laid for their consecration. And when they come home, they make a real feast, because on Easter the seven-week most strict Christian fast comes to an end.

At the same time in Ukraine there is one more tradition:no matter how rich the festive table, it is necessary to start the feast with Easter bread. It has a special shape, often it is made sweet and covered with glaze.

At the meeting, acquaintances greet each other with the phrase: "Christ is Risen!". Hearing such an appeal, it is necessary to answer: "Truly Risen!".

Day of the summer solstice

interesting traditions of the Ukrainian people for the 2nd class

The Feast of Ivan Kupala is another example of the fact,what pagan customs and traditions are present in the lives of modern people. It is celebrated on the day of the summer solstice. This holiday is accompanied by a large number of rituals associated with fire, water and various herbs.

The most desperate on this night are jumpingthrough the fire. At midnight, it is customary to go to the forest to search for a flowering fern, although many believe that this plant never blooms. Nevertheless, some believe that if such a fern is discovered, it will certainly show the way to the treasure.

Ukrainian girls on the feast of Ivan KupalaThey weave wreaths of wild flowers and let them through the water. Especially this custom is common among unmarried people. It is believed that the girl will find family happiness on the shore, to which her wreath will kill.

It is also customary to go to the field before dawn and start talking grass on the health of family and friends. It is in the wreaths of this grass that boys and girls then jump through the fire.

Traditions of matchmaking

Family in the life of Ukrainians plays a big role. Therefore, all the traditions associated with it are especially well thought out.

Any wedding ceremony begins with matchmaking.According to an ancient custom, the bridegroom's representatives come to the bride's house to agree on a future wedding. As a rule, among them there are elderly and respected people, often they are village elders, if it is in the countryside. The girl gives the answer, taking out the towel (this means that she agrees) or the pumpkin, which symbolizes the refusal.


traditions of the Ukrainian people in scientific style

A few days before the celebration, the bride's family traditionally bakes ritual bread - a loaf.

In the morning on the wedding day the groom comes to the housefuture wife, in order to redeem it. As a rule, the redemption is symbolic. Often with the groom they are required to perform some tasks in order to pick up their chosen one, or to demonstrate that he knows her well.

Then the couple is crowned in the church, and celebratingThe wedding is taken at the groom's house. After a formal dinner, the young wife unfastens the braid and puts on a kerchief, which means her married status. These are some traditions of the Ukrainian people.

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