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In nature there are many differentforms of wild violets, which differ from garden and house plants in size, coloring of leaves and flowers. One of the representatives of the family is the violet violet, photo of which is in front of you.

doggy violet
For what she got such a name, it is not known. It is clear only that it is a literal translation of the Latin name into Russian. In the people this plant is called so: a birch, an ex-grass, a core, a violet, a forest brother.

Violet Veil: Botanical Description of the Plant

The plant is interesting, although it does not rush too muchin the eyes. It is perennial with a height of 5-30 cm. The rhizome is short. Flowers, as well as other violets, are five-membered. Petals are light purple or pale blue. There are several on one stem. Flowering continues from the beginning of spring to June. There are cases when the violet dog again blooms in the very end of summer.

violet doggy photo plants

Leaves cauline with petioles, glabrous, sometimes withbase slightly pubescent. Basal foliage begins to grow only after the end of flowering. Leaves are ovate or lanceolate, obtuse. Stimulate fringes. The stems are numerous, upright or ascending, without radical rosettes. The whole plant is slightly hairy, it is naked.

The violet of a dog is a myrmecophile plant. After all, its seeds are pulled by ants ("myrmekos" in Greek) for long distances. The fruit ripens in June, when cracked, twisted leaves scatter seeds that are equipped with a special body that attracts ants.

Violet can be considered self-pollinating. This is a group of plants in which the development of seeds occurs without an obvious flower, that is, it does not open. Violet flowers blossom in the spring, but there are some that can not be seen at all.

Violet Veil: Place of Growth

Like many other species of violets, for this wildPlants are a favorite place of growth for forest and fringe biotopes. For its flowering can be observed in May, being at the edge of a forest or even in an open place along the banks of reservoirs.

violet dog botanical description

Violets prefers to grow in a meadow, drya sandy slope, on glades, along roadsides, near reservoirs. It is suitable for the rich in mineral substances of the undergrowth of bushes and deciduous forests. Most often this violet occurs in the non-chernozem regions.

The area of ​​violets

Geography of the genus is very wide. Violets can grow in areas with a temperate climate, in the subtropics, in the tropics. Having such a large area, all violets are very similar when choosing habitats. In our forests grows a look very much like a fragrant violet - a dog's violet. Its common distribution is the Atlantic Europe, the countries of Central Europe and Scandinavia, the Caucasus, the Northern Mediterranean. This plant is found everywhere in the European part of Russia, in Western and Eastern Siberia. The range of violets is also Belarus, Ukraine, some regions of Asia.

The meaning and application of violets

Violets are often used in ornamental gardening. It adorns flower beds, curbs, mixborders. It is planted on rocky slides.

Violet cane as a fodder culture is not of particular value. The main useful properties of plants are used in medical practice and decorative gardening.

The plant is rich in essential oils, salicylicacid. It contains anthocyanins and traces of alkaloids. All this made the violet a canine medicinal plant. Curative properties are the roots, stems and leaves of the plant, which are widely used by folk healers. In Western Europe, decoction of herbs is used as an expectorant. Herbalists of Belarus find it useful to drink tea from grass from heart diseases.

Violet Veil (photo of the plant see. below) is used in folk medicine as a laxative and diuretic, as well as an anesthetic and anti-inflammatory agent. Water infusion effectively acts in the treatment of diseases of the throat and bronchi, its use is recommended for tumors. Drugs from the roots are used as a strong emetic. With skin itch and abscesses, aromatic violet oil is used.

violet doggy photo

Nature gives us a lot of medicinal plants, the violet dog also is on this huge list. We can only learn about these or other useful properties and use them for the benefit of health.

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