Shuvalov Yury Evgenyevich: career and biography

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Shuvalov Yury Evgenievich, whose biographydescribed in this article, is a Russian politician. In the period from 2003 to 2008, was an assistant to Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin, then first deputy chairman of the Government of the Russian Federation. Yury Evgenievich is a professional lawyer. Managed the Russian Federal Property Fund.


Shuvalov Yury Evgenievich was born on 401.1967 in the Chukchi village of Bilibino. His parents are Muscovites. In Bilibino, they left to work under contract. About the childhood of Yuri Evgenevich no information.


It is known that in the first grade he went to the FarEast. I got a secondary school certificate in Moscow. In 1984 he tried to enter Moscow State University, but failed. After that, the year worked at the Research Institute "Ecos" as a simple laboratory assistant.

Shuvalov Yuri Evgenievich

In 1985 Shuvalov Yuri Evgenevich was drafted into the army for urgent service. Where he passed it, information is missing. He was demobilized from the army in 1987 and was immediately enrolled in the Moscow State University. A year later he became a student of the Faculty of Law. He graduated from the university in 1993, received a diploma in law.

Business career

After graduating from Moscow State University, I got a job at the Foreign Ministry. But as an attaché, he did not stay long there. On the recommendation of friends, Yuri Evgenievich got into the newly created consulting center "ALM-consulting". For six months, Shuvalov worked as a lawyer for Oleg Boyko. He invited Yuri Evgenyevich to become a co-owner. Shuvalov agreed and soon became a co-founder of a number of other companies. In 2003, Yury Evgenyevich began to manage the Sovcomflot shipping company and entered the representation of the banking national council.

Shuvalov Yuri Evgenievich Biography

Political activity

In 1997 Shuvalov Yuri Evgenyevich headed the department of the state register of federal property and was given the right to represent the country in Sovcomflot and Rosgosstrakh. In the same year he joined the board of "ORT". After the resignation of Chernomyrdin was appointed head of the Russian Fund of Federal Property.

As Yury Evgenievich simultaneously representedgosynteresy in various large companies, it was included in the work on the development of measures to overcome the financial and economic crisis. In 2003, Shuvalov left the government and became an assistant to the head of state. Yury Yevgenyevich's duties included fighting poverty, reforming the armed forces and economic growth of the country.

Shuvalov Yuri Evgenyevich State Duma

In October of the same year Shuvalov was appointedDeputy Dmitry Medvedev, who was the head of the presidential administration. In 2005, Yury Evgenyevich represented Vladimir Putin at the G8 summit. In 2006, he participated in the same campaign as deputy chairman of the organizing committee. In 2008, Yuri Shuvalov was appointed First Deputy Chairman of the Government of the Russian Federation. He led the business development commission and the body that dealt with the consequences of the financial crisis.

At the same time I prepared events for the traditionalAPEC leaders meeting. In 2009, Shuvalov was acting. National Coordinator of the Russian Federation for CIS Affairs. Since 2010, he headed the Commission for Integration and Economic Development. After the resignation, Kudrin began to represent the country in the Eurasian trade union committee.

On elections from the seaside branch of "United Russia"was selected Yuri Shuvalov. The State Duma did not attract him, and he did not run for it. In 2012, he headed the commission, which dealt with town planning, communications and transport. At the same time, Shuvalov retained the post of first deputy chairman and supervised privatization issues.

Shuvalov Yuri Evgenievich photo

Interesting facts and personal life of Shuvalov

Experts heralded believe that Shuvalov YuriEvgenievich, whose photo is presented in this article, may turn out to be a descendant of aristocrats. He met Olga Viktorovna (currently his wife) as a student. She graduated from Moscow State University in Civil Law.

Being now in the status of a housewife, sheearns millions. This became possible, thanks to her husband, who rewrote all her assets on her before entering the civil service. Olga Viktorovna is a breeder of welsh corgi dogs.

The Shuvalovs had three children. In 1993 the first son Eugene appeared. In 1998, the daughter of Maria was born, and in 2002 - Anastasia. Eugene loves equestrian sport, swimming and wrestling. Maria is seriously engaged in artistic gymnastics. Yury Evgenievich prefers to play football with his friends in his spare time.</ span </ p>

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