Where does the Moscow River flow

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The Moscow River is the main waterwayMoscow. Our ancestors knowingly chose a place to found the city on a picturesque shore. And the river itself, and numerous streams and lakes, fed by groundwater, always supplied the city residents with running water. Also there is a waterway connecting Moscow

which flows into the Moscow River
with other human settlements and states,contributed to the formation of a growing city. Knowing where the Moscow River flows and tracing its way further, the great importance of the river for the historical development of the Moscow state becomes evident. The Moscow River is the left tributary of the Oka River, falling into it. The place, where the Moscow-river flows, is in the vicinity of Kolomna. Oka, in turn, flows into the Volga, and that - into the Caspian Sea. The depth of the Moscow River is on average no more than six meters, the length of almost 500 kilometers. Its width in the upper reaches ten meters, downstream, including Moscow, reaches 100 meters.

moscow river
The birth of the Moscow River

The origins of rivers vary: some of them originate in swamps or underground, others in lakes, and others in glaciers high in the mountains. The mouth (where the river flows) is usually located at the confluence with other rivers or with lakes and seas. The Moscow River flows out as a small stream from a swamp near the village of Starykovo in the Smolensk region. The swamp is called Moskvoretskaya puddle. It is believed that in its place in ancient times there was a large lake, which later became shallow and overgrown with sedges. Literally 500 meters from the source, the stream becomes a river. There is a bed and a fairly pronounced course. Gradually the river acquires fullness. The forests are coming to an end, the river flows through a wide plain. Here it is fed by large tributaries. The largest are Ruza and Istra. Soil changes, the bottom becomes viscous and clayey. Often there are landslides due to the fact that parts of the shore are washed by the river and slide down along with the trees.

where the river flows
On such slopes the trees are crooked, forminga very picturesque picture of branches hanging over the water. Local residents call this phenomenon "drunk forest". In the city of Moscow, the river enters the Strogino district, in the north-west, and comes out to the southeast. Flowing through the capital, the Moscow River forms large loops - in the vicinity of Zamoskvorechye, Luzhniki and Dorogomilova. Within the city limits, the Yauza, Setun, Presnya and the Neglinnaya River encased in the pipe flow into the Moscow River. The winding Yauza, flowing through the historical part of the city, gives the capital a special charm with its small humpbacked bridges and parks framing its banks.

The confluence of the Moscow River

To see where the Moscow River flows, you canwith my own eyes. The mouth of the Moscow River is on the southern outskirts of Kolomna. It is here that she falls into the Oka. At the meeting place of the two water arteries, the so-called arrow is formed, where the Old Golutvin monastery is located, founded by Sergius of Radonezh. A very beautiful view of the confluence of the Moscow River into the Oka opens from the high right bank of the latter. If you are lucky enough to be there, be sure to take a picture of the unique beauty of the place where the Moscow River flows into.

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