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Friedrich Nietzsche is one of the most citedphilosophers. His lively and inquisitive mind was able to give birth to teachings that are relevant to this day. The aphorisms of Nietzsche are thoughts that will not be outstripped by more than one generation of people.

Friedrich Nietzsche Quotations

Nietzsche is a philosopher?

He is sometimes called a philosopher willy-nilly. An ingenious musician, philologist and poet eventually became the creator of a whole philosophical doctrine, the postulates of which are quoted to this day. What makes Nietzsche's sayings so common? It is possible to explain such popularity of original teaching by the fact that all its postulates are permeated with the negation of all generally accepted rules. The philosopher himself called himself "the only finished nihilist."

He spoke of morally indignant people asliars who do not understand their own malice. For such a radical view of Friedrich Nietzsche, whose quotes were often not understood by his contemporaries, repeatedly yielded to severe criticism from the philosophical community. At the beginning of his creative career, the lack of recognition led the writer to serious disorders, aggravated by mental and physical ailments. Later Nietzsche would say about this: "What does not kill, then makes me stronger", - indicating this aphorism his attitude to misunderstanding and denial from his colleagues.

Steps to the superman

The doctrine of the philosopher about the superman apart stands inhis work. It contains the boldest ideas preached by Friedrich Nietzsche. Quotations about the life of man as a developing being became the basis of his idea. Part of the philosopher's work is associated with the birth of National Socialism. The ideologists of fascism distorted Nietzsche's views beyond recognition, thus defaming his name for many years to come.

However, the true superman in the works of the philosophernevertheless was present. And the real people of Nietzsche's time had nothing to do with him. According to the writer, an ordinary person is something that must be overcome, a peculiar period of evolution, a "bridge between the monkey and the superman". The book's brainchild for the philosopher himself was a fickle phenomenon. He then denied the possibility of the birth of a superman, then said that his features become more visible.

Friedrich Wilhelm Nietzsche Quotations

This insane plan seemed to philosophersan impossible tale, but Friedrich Nietzsche himself, whose quotes were quite radical, believed in him, and was ready to die for his idea. To this he urged all: not to spare himself for the benefit of the superman. The idea of ​​Friedrich Nietzsche was ahead of time, perhaps still ahead of time. His contemporaries fought over the problem of human preservation, and Nietzsche said that a person must be surpassed - to jump over.

Citations of Friedrich Nietzsche about love

Many writers and historianscreativity of Nietzsche's life, recognized him as an arrogant misogynist. In the life of the philosopher, there were really few women: mother, sister and friend Lou Salome, whom he called the smartest of women. However, bad luck in love did not lead to her denial. The love of the great writer is sacrificial and revealing. A loving, but not a loved one, in his opinion, sooner or later discovers in itself the most disgusting qualities. The writer Friedrich Nietzsche, whose quotations are based on the rejection of established norms, saw only falsehood in excessive moralism.

He believed that a beautiful feeling is incompatible withmarriage. He did not despise the family institution, but argued that many more couples could remain happy without living together. Nietzsche's words that the freer a person is, the more in him the ability to love and be loved, can be considered an epigraph to his personal life. However, at the end of the years the writer confessed that he was wrong on this score, as evidenced by his words: "Now I long for any woman".

Friedrich Nietzsche quotes about life

Friedrich Nietzsche: quotes about life

Many philosophers have no doubts abouttheir own convictions. Nietzsche is not one of them. Perhaps it is for his habit of questioning his teaching and calling it irrational. However, the writer never doubted his own greatness, although he said that no thinker was completely right, even himself.

All Nietzsche's thoughts are permeated with freedom of the spirit, and it isto this he sought all his life. He brought this idea to the extreme, for which he was repeatedly criticized. Nietzsche himself called himself "the philosopher of unaccepted truths."

Freedom is an unattainable ideal

According to Nietzsche, freedom of the spirit entrustsman more and more obligations. He denied that the infinity of thought can be where everything is permitted or nothing is permitted. It can only be where the boundaries of what is permitted and forbidden are clearly defined. But how to define these boundaries of the possible and the impossible? The philosopher said that only under the fear of death a person can understand: "Damocles well dances only under the impending sword."

quotes fridriha nietzshe about love

Such a man saw the great thinker FriedrichWilhelm Nietzsche, whose quotations are a legacy "for all and for none". They do not just make you think, they give the person an inexhaustible stimulus for self-improvement. Perhaps this was one of Nietzsche's presumptuous thoughts-to deliver his words to people at any cost, even at the price of his own doubts, which cost him personal happiness.

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