Celebrity - what is a beautiful life?

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Celebrity is a fashionable and expensive word. In its sound we hear the embodied dream of a beautiful life - frenzied popularity, army of admirers, the first pages of newspapers, dizzying novels, loud parting, scandals in the press, obsessive paparazzi attention, expensive brands, royal habits, sky-high fees.

Origin of the term

So who are they, these media people, that deprive sensitive individuals of sleep? Celebrity - what does this beautiful word mean?

what is celebrity

This term originated from Latin celebrates,which means literally "visited, glorified". The Russian language was borrowed from English, where celebrity means "celebrity, famous person".

Celebrity - what does that mean?

In the modern sense, this word is used when it comes to a very well-known, familiar in the press, not falling off the TV screen of a man.

It is the frequency of mention in the press that makes a famous person a celebrity. What should you do to become a celebrity?

I must say that the popularity of celebrities is always a bit scandalous or based on outrageous behavior.

Celebrity - what does this mean? Many ambitious guys are concerned about this issue.

Celebrity has 100% recognition -it's a person with a certain "handwriting." He can shock the public with extravagant costumes, scandalous behavior, inclined to talk provocative things. He always works for his image.

Glory is a perishable product

The image of "celebrity" is very well replicatedthe yellow press. To some extent, celebrity is always a hostage to one's position and must constantly warm up interest in one's personality. In the course can go black PR, unreliable facts, information throws in the press about the personal life of celebrity. What is in the order of things - it's easy to be sure, after reading the yellow press.

what does it mean

The term "celebrity" is quite young. Thus, in written Russian speech, he entered only in 2008. But I already managed to undergo my changes in youth slang and turn into a slang word. Celebrities (or solea - in the singular) is the ironic and sarcastic name of a celebrity in a youth environment, which is alien to pathos and inherent in shaking the foundations.

Often, the popularity of celebrities is fleeting, becausefame is a perishable product. True professionals of their business understand this very well and always try to get the most out of their popularity. Conclude contracts with advertisers, participate in related projects, try themselves in a new profession. Many are lucky, and transient glory turns into popular love.

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