Types of ducks in Russia. Types of wild ducks (photo)

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The most widespread and numerous bird in theRussia is a duck. This waterfowl of small size lives on almost all fresh water bodies and slightly saline seas. Of all the ducks, the mallard was the most spread. This bird can be found everywhere in the territory of Russia.

All members of the duck have a broad streamlined body. The beak is flattened, and on the paws of the membrane. The neck is long and flexible. Plumage dense, impermeable to water. Well developed layer of subcutaneous fat.

Migratory and sedentary species of ducks

Many species of wild ducks that do not fly awaywintering, choose for permanent living a zone of warm climate. Mallard refers to migratory ducks who prefer to live on rivers. But not all mallards migrate - there are birds that lead a sedentary lifestyle.

types of ducks photo and name

Fly birds in small flocks. Vapors are formed in the autumn or already in the winter, if the individuals winter together. Finally, the formation of the pair occurs in spring during nesting.

Types of geese and ducks inhabiting Russianexpanses, number dozens. Ducks belong to the order of the Anseriformes. They migrate to the warmer lands for wintering: pintail, mandarin, mallard, teal, pussy, killer whale, ochar, etc.

Breeds of domestic ducks

On the backyard are usually meat anddecorative species of ducks. The first species is a domesticated mallard and a musk duck. One native of Russia, the second typical representative of the American continent.

The breeding and domestication of ducks began long ago, several millennia ago. So, all representatives of numerous modern species belong to these two breeds.

The best in Russia is Bashkir coloredduck, it is slightly larger than mallard in size and weight. The Indian runner is a small type of duck, which has a peculiar posture and resembles a penguin. Indotka, or musky duck, has skin growths on its head, like a turkey.

species of ducks

Types of domestic ducks include decorative representatives. They are only for beauty and do not use for food. Cape Teal, Mandarin and Carolynes are very bright and beautiful birds.

The Mandarin's habitat was originally East Asia. The nesting site arrives in the Amur and Sakhalin regions, the Khabarovsk Territory and Primorye. I liked mountain rivers and adjoining forests. This is a good swimmer, flies quickly and maneuverably. It is forbidden to hunt for mandarins, it is listed in the Red Book.

Representatives of meat breeds

Peking duck is the best representative of meat breed. The breed was brought out by Chinese poultry breeders more than 300 years ago in the Beijing foothills. Gradually, the breed spread throughout the world.

Large head, short and thick legs, longtorso, slightly elevated. The neck is not very long, the wings fit tightly to the body. The feathering of a Peking duck is a white-yellowish color with a cream tint. This species quickly fattening and gaining weight. Hardy, strong and well tolerate severe cold.

kinds of domestic ducks

The Ukrainian breed has a well developedmusculature and a thin bone skeleton. The plumage is dense, in color it is gray, white and reddish. Rapidly develop and gain weight, have a normal egg-laying.

The Moscow white duck in its physiquesimilar to the Beijing duck. The breed is bred in the Moscow region. The bird has a long neck, a forward chest, a wide back and short legs. Plumage of a snow-white color without signs of yellowness.

Musky duck more often dark color with severallight feathers. On the head has fleshy outgrowths of red color, for which it is often called a warty duck. Body of the bird is large, massive, neck is short. The name of the birds was obtained because of a special musky smell, which emit leather and feathers. Ducks are undemanding to the stern, hardy and not prone to disease. Quickly gain weight.

Meat and egg breeds

Khaki-kempbell is derived by crossing several species. The body is elongated, the chest is wide, the neck is of medium length. The bird is active, mobile, unpretentious in food. Gives eggs and delicious, tender meat.

Mirror duck has a light brown almost white color. The name of the breed was due to the mirror shine of the plumage. The body of the bird is long and wide, has a short neck and low legs.

Egg breed

species of geese and ducks

Indian runner has a vertical layoutbody than very much like a penguin. The bird is mobile and active. The duck has a long neck and long legs that allow her to run fast. In addition to a large number of eggs, gives delicious tender meat.

Wild ducks inhabiting Russia

Throughout the territory of Russia live the birds of the family Duck. From the northernmost latitudes to Eastern Siberia, their area has spread. Many species of wild ducks serve as an object of hunting.

The most frequent trophy is mallard. Movable, quickly disappears under water if it feels danger. Pindulum, on the contrary, quickly rises from the water and flies away, which is of great interest to hunters.

Types of wild ducks of Russia, living in nature,are divided into two groups. The first applies: mallards, shirokonoska, pintail, wig, teal teal, etc. They feed on shallow water, spend a lot of time on the islets of the river and meadows. These birds can be found in the oak grove, where whole acorns serve as food. The common name for this species is river ducks. Birds have a good tail. River ducks differ in body shape from diving.

Mallard - duck-standard

These are the most numerous representatives of river wild ducks. Favorite trophy of hunters. It is represented in the world in 12 species, but mallard is the most famous among them.

species of wild ducks

Appearance of a duck can be taken as a standard. Compared to others, these species of ducks have a more streamlined body shape and shorter neck. The beak is flattened, on the sides there are tiny denticles, through which the bird filters out water for feeding with small plankton and livestock.

Wings are powerful, but not long, which indicatesabout the good flying abilities of a duck. The tail is slightly narrowed laterally, short and as if cut off at the tip. Paws slightly backward, short. The mallard has a well developed glandular gland, responsible for the water repellent properties of the plumage.

The body of the bird reaches a length of 40-60 cm. The weight of the duck is up to 1 kg, the drake is not much larger than the female one. But the feathers and the color of the male are pronounced. Female Mallard has a modest color, which is dominated by brownish-red tones. At the edge of each feather has a whitish border, it gives a flowing pattern to her body.

The drake has no mottles at all or only onsmall plots. The main color is brown, gray and black. The head and neck have a dark green color, the sun is violet-blue in the sun. Paws of a bird have a bright orange color.

species of ducks in Russia

The area of ​​the Mallard is the most extensive. Have liked for itself coast of fresh reservoirs which have overgrown with a dense reed, a cane and a bush. Ducks get used to the presence of a person and settle in the city line on ponds and canals.

Types of ducks in Russia, who live in the north,migratory. Mallard from Eastern Europe leave the northern part of the country from early September to mid-October, they are sent to the north of Africa and Asia Minor. Ducks from Siberia are going to wintering in China.

During the flight and wintering, flocks of thousands of birds form, but when they return back to the nesting sites, they fall into small flocks of 10-15 ducks each.

Duck ducks

Representatives of the second group are duck ducks. They need to dive to the depths, while helping themselves with their paws, because to get food for these birds falls on the bottom. Duck species of ducks in Russia: red-nosed duck, red-headed duck, crested rabbit, gogol.

This is a large group of birds that inhabitsvast territory of Russia. They live and nest on the sea coasts. In winter they migrate to warm climatic zones. Types of diving ducks are represented by birds of rather large weight, which have a massive physique and short legs. These are excellent swimmers and divers, they can stay under water for up to 3 minutes.


Representative of the genus duck. Refers to diving ducks. Has a short neck, large head. These are small and stocky ducks. The photo and name of the duck can be easily identified. The neck and neck collar is black, as if a collar is put on it. The red-headed duck has a bright red, almost copper color, the color of the head. It can be easily recognized.

A duck spends a lot of time on the water. If necessary, get food from the bottom, dives completely or partially, leaving the back of the trunk on the surface of the water.

Nesting species of ducks can be easily distinguished from riverineby silhouette. At the first lower landing and tail they keep lowered. To take off, they need a small takeoff, and the river can take off practically vertically. Drowning on dry land is rare.

On the territory of Russia, there are five varieties of black dwellings and nests. crested duck, red-dive duck, and dew-bearing dwellers live in the European territory of the country to Primorye.

Ducks living in the north of Russia

In the northern latitudes of Russia, in the Yamal-Nenets region, 23 species live, and 18 passes there the nesting phase. According to the latest estimates, the number of all ducks living in the district reaches 12 million.

Sea blackness

northern duck species

The sea duck is the northern duck. The species have chosen the tundra zones of Russia, from the west to the east of the country, the subarctic and arctic latitudes of Eurasia. In Russia, a duck can be found west of the Urals (up to the coast of the Arctic Ocean) and on the Yamal Peninsula.

Black is a migratory bird, which stops for wintering on the coast of moderate latitude. On wintering, it floats from the shore at a distance of 10 m. It prefers narrow bays and lagoons.

Males are colored more colorfully. Black and white plumage, wings and back pock-marked. Legs are bluish-gray in color. The female has a modest color. The plumage is dominated by brown tones. From the pond, black stems quickly, flies easily and swiftly. Great dives to great depths. Chicks can dive into the water on the day of hatching, but literally for a second, because of the light weight. But in 6 weeks after a birth safely swim under water up to 15 m.

Places for nesting prefer marshy,mostly overgrown with bush lakes. His nests are arranged on the ground near the water in the thickets of sedge. The sea duck is a migratory bird and for wintering flies to the sea coasts of moderate latitude.

Molluscs, small fishes, leaves,seeds and green parts of aquatic plants, which on the bottom extracts the northern duck. Species of the chert are mostly kept in small flocks. They serve as trophies for hunters.

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