What does the symbol "thumb up" mean?

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Gestures from combinations of fingers in different cultureshave very different meanings. So, for example, the symbol "finger up" can speak as a solution to pardon the defeated (the famous gesture at the time of the Roman gladiators), and about the usual request to give a lift, take a fellow traveler (hitchhiking), if it is a raised thumb at the road somewhere in America. The index finger carries other information. Let's take a closer look.

What is this symbol - a thumb up?

character thumbs up

It is clear that the meaning of the symbol depends precisely on which country and which finger is used. And there are a lot of options: from greeting and approval to indecent analogies.

  1. The index finger of the right hand, raised up, is the symbol of the Muslims proclaiming monotheism, that is, in the translation into Russian it means: "There is no God but Allah!".
  2. In Germany, this gesture says: "Everything is fine."
  3. In the Slavic countries, the index finger raised up means a call for attention from others, and in American schools, students thus ask the teacher for permission to answer the question.
  4. If at the time of the conversation you raise the indexthumb up and shake them from side to side, then the interlocutor of almost any nationality will understand this as a rejection of the proposed or unwillingness to discuss the topic.

What are we talking about, lifting your finger up?

Symbol - connected index and thumbwith the rest raised, means in America and most European countries: "Everything is fine!". But in Brazil and Turkey, such a gesture is perceived as an insult.

thumb up
A resident of Holland, inviting you to a friendlydrinking, will raise the little finger up, and the thumb will lead to the side. Here you probably want to answer him with the gesture described above. Still: "Everything is fine!" And the Frenchman can pick up the little finger in return, which will mean: "Leave me alone!"

If someone raised his thumb up -the symbol hardly needs a special decoding - it is a sign of a wish for success, a recognition that everything goes as it should, an agreement with the proposed program of actions, etc.

True, in Turkey and Arab countries such gesture is a phallic symbol, and in Greece - a requirement: "Shut up!".

The most common symbol

thumb up symbol
The thumb goes up in other cases. The truth is not one, but two: it is a question of the V-shaped sign known in European countries with the index and middle fingers of the hand.

He was introduced during the Second World War in everyday lifeWinston Churchill to describe the victory, and since this gesture has become very popular. True, for the British, it is important in it one nuance: which side is turned at this moment the palm to the speaker. If the back is, then it is: "victory", but if the palm, then its interpretation becomes offensive.

No less popular is another gesture: the "goat". It's about the raised index finger and little finger. On the territory of the CIS, this is a notorious "rocker" symbol. The thumb up like this is a sign of superiority over someone, a desire to humiliate him. Although in mystical rituals, this sign is a defense against dark forces.

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