Holiday Carnival. Traditions and customs

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Russia has not yet been baptized, and the people who lived on itterritory, had many holidays. One of them was Maslenitsa. The traditions and customs of this merry time have survived to this day. Only sometimes vain life does not allow us to enjoy them. And completely in vain, as many pleasant minutes can be experienced if we use the opportunities that the Pancake week provides, customs

Shrovetide traditions and customs
which are associated with family and simple pleasures.

Folk Carnival: traditions and customs

It is known that the festivities last a whole week. Previously, in all houses it was customary to prepare a treat and invite guests. Even the order of rendezvous was developed. So, on Wednesday they were called and fed to the son-in-law's dump, on Friday - my mother-in-law begrudged me. The merriment began on Monday. All the people made a scarecrow made of straw, which became a symbol of Pancake week. He was worn through the village, and then burned, so that the harvest was rich, the ills were gone, and the people lived in peace and prosperity. Tuesday was considered a "flirtation" - it was the most favorite day for young people. Everywhere there were funny games, songs, dances. This week was sad to be sad!

Shrovetide customs
How to meet Shrovetide

Traditions and customs were revered in the old days. So, it was accepted that the eldest woman in the house always went to the river (well) and called for a month to give all the happiness to the whole family! When pancakes are cooked, the first - do not eat. This is a tribute to the memory of the departed members of the family. He was taken out into the street and asked the deceased to eat. This was done with the purpose that their souls from heaven should watch over the well-being of the family. After the tribute was given to the memory, it was possible to bite the pancakes.

Festivals on Pancake Day

Every day there were special games. Particularly interesting was Thursday-razgulay. On this day, built fortresses and held snow battles. Especially gambling could and on fists silushkoy heroic to measure up. Only anger did not greet Maslenitsa. Traditions and customs were devised so that the main

ritual songs carnival
the purpose of the fun was fulfilled: Mother Earth received a charge that awakened her from winter stiffness. To do this, and fun was arranged, so that the energy of enthusiasm, joy was transferred to the surrounding nature, awakened it, pushed it towards spring flowering. In terms of energy - an excellent case, showing how the ancient Ruses managed their land!

How to say goodbye to the Carnival

Sunday is the end of the holiday. On this day, the scarecrow was burned on a big fire outside the outskirts. The action was accompanied by ceremonial songs. Pancake week was accompanied by another wonderful custom - forgiveness. After the evening meal, all members of the family asked for forgiveness from each other, bestowed on him. Everything that was evil or bad was left in the past. Life began anew - with a pure energy of rebirth! To the resentment of forgetting, and quarrels did not arise, it was customary not to clean the table. The rest of the meal was covered with a white cloth and left until the morning.

Divination by the Carnival

Maidens in the form of pancakes determined - for how long inthe girls sit. If the dough is good from the frying pan lags behind - there will be a wedding, pestering - this year the groom is not seen. The edges of the pancakes are even - the husband will get kind, torn - tart. In the hole pancakes were considered holes: how many of them - so many children God will give.

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