A New Fashion Trend: Duckface - What Is It?

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dakzeys what is it
Almost every day, fashion gives a new feint, andit covers the planet. And the fashion extends not only to clothes, hair and make-up, but also to manicure, skin color and pose for photography. Professional photographers offer hundreds of successful postures and facial expressions to the study of celebrity. The most accessible and at the same time difficult chip - "lips with a bow".

Dakface: what is this and where did this name come from?

Duckface (Dakface) - in Russian translation you cantreat as a "face of a duck" or "platypus". Such a facial expression involves pouting lips and a tense face with thinly defined cheekbones. This is a universal way to avoid annoying misunderstandings in the picture, but only with the correct use of this facial expression. Even celebrated celebrities sometimes make erroneous ducks (photos show this), stretching their lips too much and creating an obvious similarity to the duck's face. There are several versions of popularizing this fashion. The most plausible is the version of imitation of hot African-Americans with their sensual puffy lips. Their style is not distinguished by elegance and subtlety, but attracts with its unbridled and natural sexuality.

What is universal this expression?

Dakface - what is this? In fact, this is a playful hint of an air kiss, which allows you to visually slightly increase the lips and eyes, make a smaller oval face. Virtuoso it does Angelina Jolie, who only barely strains her face and gives him a more sexual expression. Miley Cyrus makes the lips with a bow too deliberately, which gives her face an offended expression. Kim Kardashian, despite his sheer sexuality, sometimes spoils photos, stretching his lips and closing his eyes. However, unsuccessful images of stars are, rather, an exception than the rule. Basically, they have a whole staff of stylists, make-up artists and journalists who are simply unprofitable to represent them in a bad light. But how to deal with imitators who do not have the ability to rotate in the same circles, but try to copy the seen expression?

photo of the photo


Dakfeys - what does this mean in this area? Almost none of the girls who love this expression, does not know that in psychiatry people with this facial expression are considered a sick stupor and associate this deviation with motor impairment. Often a similar syndrome is accompanied by a proboscis symptom, implying a tonic contraction of the muscles of the mouth. The lips are stretched forward. This is a clear sign of catatonia. Therefore, it is worth seriously thinking before you mutilate your face and copy the facial expressions of another person. Note that the constant tension of the facial muscles and their fixation in this position are an excellent basis for the appearance of premature wrinkles.

Duck hunting

More than a year the Americans have a massive game"Hunting for ducks." The rules in it are very simple: having noticed the next photo with a duckface, you need to leave a comment to it: "Bach!" Among the active players there is an exchange of trophies and a comparison of the number of "ducks" obtained. It is worth noting that the duckface has ceased to be a hallmark of glamorous girls. No less spectacular ducks are obtained from Donald Trump, Ed Westwick and Taylor Lautner. So this fashion extends to all spheres of life.

cooking a haircut duckface

Protest against the Dacffey

Many young performers in Russia and in the Westrelease tracks with a protest against the trend of the DAC. What does it mean? Young people are tired of strange expressions of faces and monotonous photos in social networks. For example, a young Russian singer in the style of hip-hop Varya Strizhak ("dakzeys") in one of her songs reflected the mores of fans of this expression. In the text of the ironic song, dakzeys is a universal reaction to any problems in life and the possibility of not thinking about anything, but existing here and now.

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