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The breed of the antelope is a conceptthe collective and implies a group of horned cloven-hoofed animals, which at the present time are classified according to taxonomy in the family Polohrogie Detachment of Ungulates. Previously, they were allocated to the subfamily, but after the genetic studies were combined. Tribe has nine species inhabiting Africa.


The original name comes from the localAfrican Swahili. This species is often called flat. This is a vintner antelope weighing 55-125 kg and growing at the withers up to 110 cm. There is sexual dimorphism, males are larger than females, differ in the color of the coat. The first have a gray tint and screwed-in horns with white tips, as well as a standing mane. Young individuals and females are hornless, their color is reddish-brown. All nyali on the sides have up to 18 white vertical thin strips. Males lead a single way of life, and females and cubs form small herds. Habitat - Mozambique, Zimbabwe, northeast of South Africa.


Mountain Nyala

It is inhabited at an altitude of 2000 m above sea levelantelope. Description of appearance in many respects similar to the previous view. However, they are larger, the average height at the withers is 150-180 cm, and the weight is 150-300 kg. Males and females are externally similar, but the latter do not have horns and are much smaller in size. It is an endemic species of the Great Rift Valley and the Ethiopian Highlands, which has the status of an endangered one. At the moment the population totals 7-8 thousand individuals.


This is a fairly large antelope,reaching a height of 1 m at the withers and weighing 125 kg. The females have a rusty hue, and the males are black-brown. Transverse white bands of varying severity are visible on the trunk. On the underside of the neck, characteristic semilunar spots are seen. The coat is dense and long. Males have horns longer than 90 cm. The main sign of sitatunga is widely spaced and elongated hoofs, which are adapted for movement through swampy terrain.


Large animals, the height at the withers from 75 to 110 cmIs a breed of spindles. Description of the breed should start with the fact that this species is very common throughout Africa. In this regard, the color of the coat varies greatly from light brown to dark with a red tint, various kinds of light spots and numerous strips throughout the body. Males have impressive curved horns, reaching a length of 50 cm, as well as a mane along the entire length of the spine, which can be fully demonstrated by lifting the hair on end. They prefer to live in shrubs and forests near water bodies. The way of life is single, less often in pairs.

Wintohorn Antelope Description

Big Kudu

This is a wintershorse antelope, which is quite possibleconfused with nyala. The wool is light brown in color, in males with a noticeable gray tinge. On the sides, as a rule, from 6 to 10 white strips. They have large round ears and an elongated tail. Males at the withers reach 1.40 m, have a weight of up to 250 kg and large horns up to 1 m in length. The species is widespread everywhere. Female and young live in groups of up to 10 individuals, males - separately or also a small herd.

Small kudu

From the previous, this form is distinguished by its dimensions. Males grow at the withers up to 1 m, weight up to 100 kg, and also swirling horns up to 75 cm long. Females are much smaller, but the color is the same: brown-brown hair with 15 thin light strips. Unlike the large kudu, this species is less common and has a limited habitat.


Medium-sized antelope, photowhich shows us a pretty pretty animal, grows to 100-130 cm at the withers, weighs up to 200 kg. Horns in males in the form of a weakly expressed spiral, more than one meter long. Color of the coat is bright, chestnut-red with white markings on the legs, breasts and stripes on the sides. On the throat there is a suspension of hair and a short mane along the spine. Animals are subject to seasonal migrations. Female and young form groups, males live singly.

Wintohorn Antelope Photo


This is the genus of the largest antelopes, including twospecies. The height at the withers is 1.8 m, and the body length is 3.5 m. All individuals weigh between 400 and 1000 kg. Their constitution is strong and massive, the limbs are slender, the tail is long, compared to other species. The antelope has a characteristic skin fold from the throat to the chest. From each other, two species differ in color. Kanna is a gray-brown, and the western variety is red-brown. Males and females have spirally twisted horns.

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