Museum of the History of Moscow: where and what to watch?

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History is a very important part of culture. As a rule, in the school they study the past of the largest countries, including their own, but the formation and development of towns is bypassed or told about it briefly. Meanwhile, for example, Moscow witnessed many events that changed its appearance and affected the life of people living in it. Perhaps, that's why it's worth visiting the Moscow History Museum. What kind of institution is this?


The history of this institution began in the XIX century. At the initiative of the Moscow City Duma in 1896, the Museum of Municipal Economy was opened, located in one of the Krestovsky water towers. After that, his name and address changed many times. The Museum of Moscow was in Sukharev Tower, and after it on Novaya Ploshchad. Then the last transfer to Provision warehouses took place, lasting 3 years. In 1920 there was a renaming, so it became known as the Moscow municipal. And from 1940 to 1986 the institution bore the name of the Museum of History and Reconstruction. Finally, at the end of the century, he was given the current name.

museum of history of moscow

Over the years, the Moscow History Museum has growna very serious institution, which for some reason many tourists avoid. The reason for this is probably not only the abundance in the capital of cultural places, but also the almost complete absence of advertising. Even the residents of the city do not always know what kind of institution it is, where it is located, and what can be seen there. Now it is a whole complex, on its territory there is even a cinema center, where you can see documentary tapes. The Culture Department intends to seriously revise the museum's concept, make it more interactive and interesting not only for adults, but also for children and youth. It is assumed that attention will be paid not only to the past of the city, but also to its actual problems.


Museum of Moscow after several moves nowlocated in the historic building of Provision warehouses. Their address is Zubovsky Boulevard, 2, a couple of steps from the metro station Park Kultury. The Museum of the City of Moscow operates from Tuesday to Sunday from 10 to 20 hours, on Thursday opening and closing takes place an hour later.

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The warehouses in which he is now located werewere built in 1829-1835. They represent one of the few complexes of buildings that have remained unchanged almost completely. Despite their destiny, the architect Feodor Shestakov did not sacrifice beauty for the sake of practicality, and the whole ensemble in Empire style looks very organic and forms a single space. Very highly, this decision was evaluated by A.V. Shchusev.


Collection, which the museum boastshistory of Moscow, includes more than 1 million items of storage, among which there are various documents, furniture, costume elements, samples of fine and applied art, photographs, maps, coins, dishes, archaeological finds, etc. Here you can see the canvases of Aivazovsky, Polenov, Vasnetsov, Makovsky, Surikov, Falk and other famous artists. Also, you can compare modern Moscow with how it developed and expanded, this will help a rich collection of photographs, maps and city plans. There is even a lunch menu in honor of the coronation of the last imperial couple. Where else can you see this?

museum of the city of moscow

The concept of development

Despite such an interesting exposition, the museumthe history of Moscow is not very popular. However, the Department of Culture decided to correct this and developed a global concept aimed at increasing interest in this institution. First, the building needs to be repaired and properly equipped. Secondly, we need to expand the tasks of the museum to cover not only the history of the city, but also its current problems and future.

The management of the institution intends to closelycooperate with designers, architects and artists, as well as continue to expand the exposition and improve the infrastructure. As early as in 2013, the first Russian documentary film theater began its work on its base, so it is worth to visit the museum of Moscow history, if only for that reason.

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