What is the meaning of life according to Gorky, and is it equivalent to happiness?

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The best literary men of all timeasked themselves and their readers about why people live in the world. To be or not to be is a philosophical question. The meaning of life for each person is different. One person has enough prosperity and prosperity, the other rest and will, the third carefully monitors his own health, believing that it is the most important thing.

what is the meaning of life in bitter

Alexey Maksimovich Peshkov wondered about thepurpose of existence in almost all of their works. His characters go their way in different ways, among them there are egoists who think only of their own good, and those who are ready to devote themselves to serving bright ideals. Contrasting the philosophy of sacrifice with the way of thinking of the opportunist, the writer stands for his own position. Renunciation of their own material interests in the name of a bright future - that is the meaning of life according to Gorky.

Meaning of the life of the old woman Izergil

In the story "Old Woman Izergil" threestorylines. The main heroine happened to live a difficult life, in which there was a place of happiness and grief. Men who by fate's will left a trail in her destiny, very different, but she also gave foolishly and generously to a young man like an Eastern flower, and arrogant Polish duelist, what she owned-her love, not sparing her. Did she think about the question of what is the meaning of life? According to the bitter narrative of the old woman about the tragic fate of Danko, we can conclude that it was not alien to her to think about the purpose of human existence. At the same time, talking about Larry, she unhesitatingly sets forth the concept of a carefree and comfortable life. To each his own!

the meaning of life is bitter

Burevestnik and

Such ideological confrontationmanifests itself in the dialogue of the "wise" horror with the stormy petrel. Freedom - that's what the meaning of life is about Gorky. It can be defined as the will to do what you want, the whole question is what the slave wants, and what is the true citizen. The inhabitant, being in captivity of his own small goals, simply can not understand the high heroic aspirations, he does not like the feeling of free flight, especially if he ends in an awkward fall from a height, albeit small. I like warm and damp comfort, familiar and comfortable. High emotional intensity builds this fable into the rank of this parable with an almost biblical storyline.

The meaning of mother's life

The idea of ​​serving high ideals dominates and inthe novel "Mother". In this work, the interpretation of human relations is not so sketchy as in the "Song of the Petrel". The narrative is complicated by an understanding of the simple human feelings experienced by an ordinary woman who has brought up a son possessed by the class struggle. Like any mother, she wants her child to be happy, and she is very afraid for Paul, who is not afraid of anything. A revolutionary is ready to step over any obstacle, without thinking about the consequences, seeing only an obscure and distant goal. And the mother is always on the side of her son.

philosophical meaning of life

Was the Petrel of the Revolution happy?

So what is the meaning of life for Gorky? Is it only in the service of high ideals, or is it more important for him to have more mundane, all-human questions? In proclaiming Maxim Gorky the chief proletarian writer, the Soviet leadership of the thirties hoped to tame the "petrel of the revolution" and reduce his complex, ambiguous creativity to a simplified scheme in which there is only heroes, enemies and inhabitants, the "swinging swamp" to be eradicated. But the world is much more complicated and more diverse than the formula "who is not with us, that is against us" ... But from school the children were inspired with the idea that the meaning of life according to Gorky is a continuous struggle.

Happiness is the main goal of every person, andeach has its own. Gorky's characters almost never experience him, they suffer. Did the great writer himself become a happy man, despite all the honors with which he was showered with power? Hardly.

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