How to choose the right size of shoes UK?

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It is known that the Russian system of shoes sizessignificantly differs from European, in particular, from English. Therefore, when buying British shoes or boots, problems may arise. Especially in the event that English shoes were ordered on the Internet or not for themselves, and for example, as a gift, which often happens without fitting.

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To avoid a problem situation caused by the fact that the size of UK footwear from the domestic one is significantly different, let us consider the features of English sizes.

Inches instead of centimeters

First of all, remember that the size of shoesUK is due to the traditional English measurement system, which differs from European and Russian. They have feet, we have kilometers. The British have inches (2.54 cm = 1 inch) - we have centimeters.

Therefore, when converting one unit to another(with centimeters converted to millimeters), the ultimate accuracy is important. The size of the foot in England is the size of the shoe insole. The size of the leg is not difficult to determine by yourself, resorting to the old, tried-and-true, so-called drawing method, making a drawing of your foot.

How to draw a foot?

Put the stack on a thick sheet of paper, thenCircle with a pencil, felt-tip pen or ballpoint pen. It is necessary to keep the pencil perpendicular, and the stroke should be made from the extreme point of the heel protrusion to the thumb. Cut out the outlined contour. This "trace" when buying shoes is applied from the inside to the sole. Perhaps, the fine error can not be avoided, but the flawless accuracy of the stroke will help to minimize it.

shoe size uk

Brand brand different

One should not lose sight of the fact that the size grids of different brands differ. The full identity of the sizes of Nike, Puma, Adidas sneakers is not. Buying shoes, for example, the brand Puma, you need to remember that shoe size UK follows the numbering in 1/3 (8.5 mm). The reference point is a zero size equal to four inches, that is, the size of the foot of a newborn baby.

To understand the differences between Russian and English sizes of sneakers will help the table.

Sizes of men's sneaker Puma

Sizes UK6,577,588,599,51010,511
Dimensions RUS3939,5404141,5424343,54445r

Fullness of the foot

The advantages of the English scale can beto attribute the fact that the fullness of the foot is taken into account. Producers who value their reputation make shoes using one shoe, but varying the width of the shoe, with a gradation of the previous and the next only 5mm. To identify the width, the following symbols are used:

  • average width of foot - F;
  • broad stop - G;
  • nonstandard width stop - GX.

English shoes size

The size of footwear UK for men practically does not havedifferences from the American dimensional system, but the English size of footwear for women differs not only from Russian and European, but also from American. In Russian and American systems, with the same length of the male and female feet, the size is assigned a different, and in English, male and female sizes in full accordance with the length of the foot.

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These simple guidelines will help you successfullypick up high-quality English footwear of the right size, in which you will feel equally comfortable in London, St. Petersburg or Nizhny Novgorod.

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