Tattoos. Celtic patterns and their meaning


Celtic patterns do not leave anyone indifferent. They fascinate, attract and inspire. In each figure, the intertwining of lines is so charming that it is simply impossible to tear it away from it.

Celtic tattoos

Initially, the tattoo was made only to soldiers.In it, the Celts' beliefs and their mythology intertwined. But the main thing that distinguished these drawings is symbolism. They tried to transmit as much information as possible through the symbols to the world from the outside. Today is the time when so many different tattoos are so popular. Celtic patterns are considered the most beautiful and unusual patterns for decorating your body. And if earlier they were strictly black, now this pattern can be executed in any color according to your desire.

Tattoos for men. Celtic pattern and its meaning

tattoos for men celtic pattern

Today, such a figure can be found in the mainon the body of young people. This is another way of their self-expression. Pleases only one thing: that now most of the guys and men, before starting to paint the body, learn the meaning of the pictures. This is especially important in relation to the tattoo "Celtic pattern", a photo of which can be found in any salon. What does this figure really mean?

Celtic Knot

It means the fusion of two paths in a person's life.The spiritual world becomes an integral part of worldly existence. This drawing has neither beginning nor end. This is a kind of symbol of infinity. If you decide to make a triangular knot, then you know: in it are united the spirit, body and mind into one whole. True, sometimes this figure is considered the unity of the Father, Son and Holy Spirit. But it is unlikely that the Celts were Christians. By the way, the Celtic knot for all time of the existence never changed. It was unacceptable - it was believed that it was sent by the gods.

Celtic cross

tattoo Celtic tracery Photo
It is the only symbol in whichChristianity and paganism were united. Of course, this conclusion was made already in our time. But if you decide to choose Celtic designs as a tattoo, then remember that the cross denotes four elements, four sides of the world. It symbolizes that you are inclined to constant self-improvement, the boundaries of which are endless.

Celtic Bracelet

This drawing is also quite interesting.True, it is more often done by girls. He means faithfulness, eternal love and faithful friendship. This symbol is represented as a heart with a crown at the top, which is held by two hands. It is they who clasp the wrist of the owner.

What do tattoos mean: Celtic patterns

Most of these drawings were considered amulet. This is no wonder, because they are very close to nature and everything mysterious. That's why the Celtic patterns protected people from evil eye, diseases and magic from the outside. If the figure guessed the silhouette of the animal, it was believed that man became closer to nature. After all, all the nationalities of animals meant something. At the Celts the dog brought good luck, the bull - strength, and the horse endowed the owner with beauty and vitality, the snake made its master wiser, more honest and healthier. So it was before, in ancient times. But today the mysterious lines of the Celtic drawing attract as many people. Everyone wants to join in the mystery and get a real amulet for life. Therefore, if you choose tattoos, Celtic designs are exactly what you need.