What is marketing: the definition of techniques for successful trading

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Today you can often hear about the conceptbusiness marketing. It flashes both in the media and on television. Many people who start building their own business use marketing. But few people think about what it is. Knowledge of the term will help to use it in life.

What is marketing

What is marketing? Definition is given by dictionaries. So, Kotler wrote that this is an awareness of the needs of the buyer and the formation of the demand market. Or the science of how to create a target market, attract, save and multiply the number of buyers. An important aspect is that he claims that any person is the highest value for the company.

On the other hand, what is marketing? The definition from the Soviet encyclopedia asserts that this is primarily a system of management of the capitalist system. And therefore the main goal of marketing is to create such a production that will fully satisfy the demand market. Functions of marketing are various: advertising, problems of transportation and storage of the goods, questions of pricing and so on.

And what is marketing policy? This is the ability to find a common language with customers to optimize the work of the enterprise. Typically, the marketing policy is set out in a document that contains the company's development strategy, study and analysis of the market.

But it is not enough to know what marketing is, its definition. There are often two main misconceptions. The first is due to the fact that marketing seems to be a kind of universal saving circle.

Business Marketing
Like, if the company is on the verge of closure,call a specialist marketer, he will write a plan, and everything will be fine. But actually it is not. It is not enough to have a development strategy, you still need to know how to implement it. And it can be difficult to do. Another misconception: they say, any person can do the job of marketing. Often on such posts arrange people on acquaintance. As a rule, these are ordinary "errand boys", which can not be called knowledgeable specialists.

So what is marketing, which definition is more accuratedoes it characterize the profession? In short, you can say this: it is art in any way to sell a product or service. If the task of management is to sell something to a specific person (company), then the goal of marketing is simply to achieve the sale of goods or services. In recent years, the study of customer needs has become a matter of marketing. That is, the seller needs to know in advance what exactly people want to buy.

Marketing Policy
And how, in this case, should the marketer work? First of all, he constantly analyzes the situation on the market. Depending on the field of activity, it can vary at different rates. But the marketer should always respond in time to any changes. Another of his tasks is working with clients. This is the only way he can study the desires of consumers, why they take the goods and what is important to them. The third task of the marketer is to analyze the state of the competitors: to understand why they have more buyers, what is the price policy and so on. He looks through their press releases, blogs, hires a secret buyer. In many respects the success of the company depends on the activity of the marketer.

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