What is PR? Making Yourself Popular

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PR, or "public relations, PR", in translation intoRussian means "public relations". That is, these are actions that arouse the interest of the target audience towards your name, product or service. The traditional alignment of such relations is advertising in the media, where it's not easy to get into, but there are other loopholes for finding a great name and popularity of your business, so let's take a closer look at what PR is and how to get rich with it. Today you will learn what technologies of advertising are used in the world, and you will find your comfortable way of promoting goods and services.

What is PR

What is PR?

Advertising is considered the world's first waymanagement of human consciousness and actions. It has long been no secret, and the power of such suggestion is used for both peaceful purposes and mercenary purposes. We hope that you belong to the first category and your activities will bring people only good, even greater freedom and solutions to their problems.

What is PR for corporations?

Advertising, which is carried out by the group"PR", is aimed at acquiring the popularity of a particular brand or brand. In case of failure, all the bumps will get advertisers. But if the PR-campaign brings the expected success, then all the gold wins will be given to its leaders.

What is advertising to highlight the event?

Next, consider what a public relations event. No event will happen if you do not cover it with advertising. If you want as many people as possible to attend your event, conduct an action in advance, which will notify the largest number of citizens about your idea. There is an opinion that if you did not mention your event in the media, then, too, it was not. Therefore, try to ensure that at your event not only were a lot of people, but also attended by journalists. The same applies to the Internet. Do so that your case is mentioned, and how to achieve it, read on.

PR technology


There are 6 main ways to attract the attention of the target audience.

  • White PR. Another name is "transparent PR". Uses real facts, shows everything, as it really is. Widely used abroad, but in Russia so far is considered ineffective.
  • Black PR. Uses the principle of "come, see, blacken". Here, as in the war, all means are good, experts of black PR consider. They are used mainly to inform the public about scandalous events in order to harm the competitor. One of the ways of black PR is to make a statement allegedly from a competitor, the release of leaflets on his behalf, the publication of an interview supposedly with him. This kind of PR is also called "customized", as it is paid to media employees for such publications.
  • Gray PR. Same as black, but not custom-made. That is, no one pays for it specially, just the event is covered in the way it is. However, such information, as a rule, carries a lot of negativity and provocations.
  • Bloody PR. The public opposes such a definition, considering it incompatible with advertising and journalism, but terrorists so use cruel methods of acquiring world-wide popularity, which is not otherwise called a bloody PR. The principle of action is to kill as many people or politicians as possible, and then declare that "we did it, be afraid of us and fulfill the conditions."
  • Military PR. The impact of information on a potential enemy of the state, usually during military operations. Propaganda and counterpropaganda among soldiers and officers. There are special units that carry out such PR, but in our country they do not advertise their activities, and abroad such structures, on the contrary, operate openly.
  • Yellow PR. Clarifying the situation with the help of social subjects. Someone calls this method an attempt to become famous through scandal, inflating the event before the sensation and introducing the population into embarrassment, confusion, surprise.

PR campaign on the Internet

This technology is suitable not only for online promotion, but also for a regular campaign. But today we will focus our attention on Internet technologies to attract the attention of the target audience.

This event includes 3 steps:

  1. Development of PR-campaign.
  2. Conducting a PR campaign.
  3. Analysis of the effect of the PR campaign.

PR campaign
Suppose, if you need to propiatea certain product, you should determine for whom it is intended, indicate the advantages, create on the basis of this data professional, unique content and think about exactly how you will cover the goods on the Internet or the media.

Sometimes a PR campaign is better than theproduct, but this is the art of creating popularity through the influence of your intellect on the minds of others. We wish you to cover only quality products and services that will be easily promoted to the target audience. And let your work is valued according to the profit that it will bring to your customers.

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