Basic marketing concepts as an effective way to increase sales.

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Marketing can be presented as an integralthe concept of managerial activity of the organization, characterized by a unified system of functions, goals, principles and ensuring the creation, production and sale of goods that meet the existing and, more importantly, potential consumer demand. The basic concepts of marketing are actions with a certain bias with the main objective - in the end.

The concept is a way of interpreting, understanding of any phenomenon, subject, process. In marketing theory, the following basic marketing concepts exist:
1) The production concept, which puts itsthe main goal is to increase the production of the range of goods that exist at the moment. According to this scheme, profit growth is due to the growth of production. If the production is improved, it will be possible to reduce the cost of goods by increasing its output, and this will lead to lower prices for the consumer and an increase in demand.
2) Product concept. The main goal of this basic concept of marketing is the development of new types of goods and the modernization of existing ones. It is assumed that the buyer is interested in these products, and also knows about the existence of his counterparts and makes his choice by comparing the price and quality with similar products of other manufacturers.

3) Marketing concept of marketing. The main goal of the marketing marketing concept is active promotion of goods on the market. Promotion is reduced to the implementation of active advertising companies, the use of discounts, exhibitions, lotteries, markdowns and aggressive methods of implementation. A significant role in this will play the packaging of the product, which gives it distinctive features.
4) The concept of traditional marketing. It focuses the company on the buyer. The activity of the enterprise, in accordance with this concept, begins with the identification of the needs of the existing and potential consumer. The competitive advantage will be with the company whose offer will most closely match the needs of the buyer.
5) Socially responsible marketing. The main objective of this concept is to meet the needs and needs of the target market, provided that energy, material, human resources and environmental protection are preserved. The company, together with researching the needs of the real and potential buyer, analyzes the public interest and seeks to satisfy it.
6) The concept of marketing interaction. In this concept, the emphasis is on establishing long-term relationships with partners and buyers in the process of non-commercial and commercial interaction with them. The main idea of ​​the concept is the object of marketing management - the relationship with the buyer and other participants in the process of interaction, rather than the aggregate solution. Properly built relations under this marketing scheme bring an increase in the number of successful transactions and profits of the enterprise, to which they are primarily oriented. This concept enhances the importance of personal contacts and personality in a system of effective relations. With this concept, responsibility for decisions made is distributed to all personnel.

The concept of interaction marketing suggests that the success of the campaign depends on the stability in the relationships with partners and the number of repeated appeals from clients.
All these basic concepts of marketing contribute to increasing the profitability of the enterprise. However, it should be remembered that the application of this or that concept depends on the specific situation on the market.

In order to be able to effectively use the basic concepts of marketing, it is necessary to clearly establish the objectives of business, as well as the internal and external conditions of the environment.

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