The right target audience is the key to the success of your business

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The target audience is that group of people for whomwhich are intended for certain goods or services. If you want your business to be truly profitable, you need to clearly visualize your Central Asian portrait, know what kind of people they are, what they live and what they care about.

target audience is
Knowing what the target audience is is what will help you:

  • to work directly on the "painful" points of their potential customers, raising important questions for them and offering a better solution to the problems they face;
  • run really effective advertising campaigns, using the most reliable channels;
  • to save money on promotion, turning not to all people in a row, but only to those that belong to your CA;
  • get a huge advantage over your competitors;
  • several times increase profits.

Any target audience is what it requires.painstaking study. At the same time, experts rely on a number of different criteria, take into account the gender, age, family composition and marital status of potential clients, their education, residence, income level and profession. You can get this data by asking people who have already applied to you to fill out a simple questionnaire.

target audience examples
It is also important to take into account that the target audience -it's not always people who lead a similar lifestyle and have common interests. For each product, you can make at least a few portraits of people, which he may be interested in. For example, training on the topic of searching for a remote job can be of interest to young mothers who are on maternity leave and a person who is tired of spending days in a close office and trying to give freedom to their creative potential, and a pensioner who wants to occupy himself with something free time.

Of course, the choice of the target audience should beis based not only on official information. It is important to draw up a psychological picture of your consumer correctly. For this you need to answer a whole series of questions about it. For example, what kind of hobbies and hobbies can he have? What media prefers? What is he striving for? What is feared? Is he a conservative by nature or not afraid to try something new? How does he spend his free time and what kind of entertainment he likes most? The more such criteria you consider, the easier it will be for you to find your "own" client and offer him something that he simply can not refuse.

choice of target audience
To understand how the target audience is determined,examples will help best. For example, if you are the publisher of a magazine about the stars, first of all your product will interest young girls who will be able to read interesting information about their idols. But the edition with recipes will be more interesting for older women, mostly housewives who have a lot of time to cook and delight their households with delicious dinners.

By adjusting your product to the needs of your CA and developing an appropriate marketing plan, you can achieve unprecedented heights in your business!

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