State Ownership

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State property consists of all property that belongs to the Russian Federation and its individual entities on the basis of ownership.

State property has a number offeatures. The subject of the right of such property is the state itself, and property management is concentrated in the jurisdiction of state bodies and specially authorized legal entities, as well as individuals.

Public education credentialsthe owner can carry out by issuing legal acts. Thus, the Russian Federation has the right to own any property, including withdrawn from circulation, and the subjects of the Russian Federation - to any property other than that which belongs to the exclusive property of the Russian Federation.

State property can be acquiredonly by means specific to the state (requisition, nationalization, compulsory seizure of property on a reimbursable basis, confiscation, taxes, etc.). State property is inherent in such a ground for the termination of the existence of this right as privatization (alienation of property from municipal and state ownership to private ownership of legal entities and citizens in accordance with the provisions of the law).

State ownership consists of twoparts. The first is the distributed state property, by which it is necessary to understand the property of the state, assigned to unitary state enterprises and institutions on the right operations management or economic management. In this case, the powers of the owner of the property for disposal, use and ownership are partially limited. The second relates to undistributed state property, called treasury.

The special position of state property is due toits very nature, which determines the existence of the state. Funds required for public spending are purchased in various ways. The two main ones boil down to the following: the allocation of state property from the national wealth, the requirement of citizens to allocate part of their property to the state.

The property of the state consists of different types of profitable property: land, industrial, etc.

Legislation calls the objects of the federalstate property objects that are the property of the state; objects of the defense production sphere; objects that are necessary to ensure the activities of federal authorities and to solve national problems; objects on which the provision of vital functions of the national economy depends; other objects of strategic importance (pharmaceutical, biomedical, alcohol-producing enterprises).

By law, a number of facilities related to the federalproperty may be transferred to the ownership of certain subjects of the Russian Federation. These include large enterprises of the national economy, public health institutions, public education institutions, energy and nuclear engineering enterprises, research organizations, broadcasting and television enterprises, and others.

Protection of state property in politicsof the country is one of the most important factors ensuring its economic independence and independence. The system of state property management is aimed at creating powerful economic incentives for rational organization of use and further reproduction of state property. For today in Russia there is a problem of absence of the responsibility for efficiency of the organization and the control over use, transformation and reproduction of state property.

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